Hobo Bag

My sister had taken her fabric stash to the garage sale we were having at my mother’s house.
I could not believe she was getting rid of such great fabric!
She let me choose what I wanted from the box.
I really wanted the whole box, but I knew I did not have enough storage.
So, I chose very carefully.
One of the fabrics was a blue fabric with red flowers.
I purchased some green and white fabric, and a white on red polka dot.
My plan is to make two totes from the blue fabric.
I bought a yard of the other two fabrics in order to be able to use it with
the other fabric I chose from my sister’s stash.

IMG_2762 Fabric

IMG_2765 Two Styles
One will be a box tote of my own design and pattern.
The other will be a hobo bag.

I found quite a few hobo bag patterns and tutorials on Pinterest.
I chose one from The Stitching Scientis blog.
The pattern is for a reversible hobo bag.
I chose not to make it reversible, and I added 3 pockets.

I decided to quilt the front and back with diagonal lines.
I also did not look closely at the pattern directions for the handle.
So, I sort of made up my own way of hiding the stitches.
IMG_2768 Only one side of the bag has a pocket.
IMG_2771 The lining has two pockets.
IMG_2772 Strap Tabs