I’ve been away from my sewing room for a couple of days. After taking care of business this morning, I was able to start working on some fun stuff.
One of my sons lives on the Texas coast and he took this fantastic photo of a Great Blue Heron. This is one of my favorite birds, and I appreciated the photo. I decided to make a thread sketch of the bird. I thread sketched the body of the bird on grey polka-dot fabric that was backed with a fusible batting. Then I cut the bird out. The background scene was made with two blue fabrics and a beige one. I hand stitched these pieces and then I glued the body of the bird. I then thread sketched on the outer edge of the bird and sketched some detail, such as the feather on top of the head, the wing, and the eye. I also thread sketched the legs.

The gypsy wife quilt has been on hold for a bit. Today, I made seventeen of the 23 square in a square block. A few days ago, I had pre-cut the pieces, so it didn’t take long to piece the seventeen blocks.

On my last visit to Las Colchas, my friend, Francine, and I were talking about embroidery and hand-sewing. She showed me this book, The Geometry of Hand-Sewing by Natalie Chanin. I am enjoying learning from this book. Before I bought the book, I had started working on a piece of recycled denim and scraps. I tried out some of the stitches, using the templates that are provided in the book. The uneven hand-sewing on the block, was done before I had the book. It is going to be fun to keep trying things out. Natalie Chanin hand sews designs on clothing, and her work is beautiful.

Block #48~Great Blue Heron~Friday, November 30

The Meemaws spent the last weekend in November visiting Rockport, Texas. The purpose for our trip was to take the Whooping Crane and Coastal Birding tour and just have fun.  We were able to spot 25 different species of birds. Watching a family of three Whooping Cranes defend their one mile territory from intruding Whooping Cranes was absolutely amazing. My most favorite bird, however, was the Great Blue Heron. I ran across some individual Herons in different locations and was able to get up close.

These photos were taken in the early afternoon.

This photo was taken in the early morning. It is my favorite.

The Great Blue Heron was the trip’s hit for me, so I included it in my fabric quilt journal. I am late in making the hexagon block because I am finishing off Christmas projects.

Block #48~Friday, November 30
Great Blue Heron
Background: Cotton linen; marbled beige backing
Technique: Applique, thread-sketching, FMQ