Moving Forward

Thanks for all who sent well wishes about my finger. In response to Sandy’s (Gray Barn Designs) sewing humor, my finger is “on the mend”.😄 My pointing finger will actually be pointy when it is totally healed. According to my doctor’s instructions, I have been spending time with my finger wound uncovered. This has prevented me from doing any cooking…Oh, darn! I have also not done much of anything else, in order to give my finger a chance to remain uncovered. I was told it would heal better if I did not keep it bandaged too much.
I have also been a bit hesitant and rotary blade-shy. I took stock of all the sharp and pointy tools used in sewing, and I made a commitment to Safety First. Today was my first day to try things out. I do have to move my finger so it won’t stay stiff. I bandaged the finger, took a deep breath, and picked up the rotary blade. I managed to cut the remaining fabric for the Blue Moon quilt. The fabrics are beautiful Batiks from Hoffman, Timeless Treasures and Robert Kaufman Fabrics.
I used a ruler gripper to cut this time, but not a glove. I’ll use a glove when my finger is totally healed. The gripper worked quite well. It feels much better to have my fingers above and away from the rotary blade!

I was also managed to sew black strips to 24 colored strips. It was a bit clumsy at first, but it got better.
My hand-stitching projects are out of the question for now. Hopefully, it will not take too long to get back to these projects.
In the meantime, I have signed up for a free online workshop by Shannon Brinkley, on how to grow your unique style.
I am also studying YouTube videos by Jude Hill. She makes beautiful spirit cloths. Her tutorials are inspirational. Once my finger is fully healed, and the flexibility returns, I would like to try creating my own versions of spirit cloths.
Any suggestions or recommended tutorials are greatly appreciated. I want to keep busy as I move forward in this healing process.