Storm Update

This rainy, Saturday morning, has been spent thinking of my friends and family on the coastline.
Rockport, Texas took a massive hit. I was in contact with my friend who has a home on Goose Island.
Goose Island  is a state park, but my friend has the last remaining house on the island.
A couple of years ago, we went to her house to see the cranes who migrate to this island. A beautiful site.
It will be some time before my friend will be able to see the results of this hurricane.
Other friends and family have evacuated and are on hold.
In the meantime, we are just getting steady rain here in San Antonio.
Thanks to all who have sent thoughts and prayers.

In the meantime, I am sort of housebound.
I took this opportunity to finishing piecing the blocks for the dinosaur floor pillow top.

Next step is to figure out how to quilt it.
I am also still viewing tutorials on how to make large pillow covers.
French pillows look interesting, but difficult.

One of the problems I have to solve is the size.
I  sewed 1/2 inch seams, so the top is 35 ” x 35″.
The largest pillow insert I have found is 30″ x 30″, which is too small for the top.
I can have a 1/2 seam to attach the top and bottom, but it will still be too large for the pillow.
This is what happens when an idea is not totally planned out ahead of time…
which happens to be my modus operandi.

Well, it looks like I will have a few days to figure this out.