During the summer months, it is difficult for my Meemaw friends to meet. We are all involved with granny duty and family trips and events. The four of us finally were able to meet today. Of course, we started out with lunch. We took our calendars to plan our fall walks, trips, and craft days. Then we went to the Witte Museum to see the Portraits in Courage exhibit. I must say I was skeptical about what to expect, since I had seen the earlier art produced by George Bush. It turns out that visiting the exhibit was a deeply moving experience.
I do believe GWB captured the essence of these service members and warriors. There was something about the eyes in these portraits that made me feel the presence of the individuals. The museum allowed photos, so I thought I would share.
We also visited the Confluence and Culture Exhibit, which celebrates the 300 year history of San Antonio.
There was quilt on display. It was made by Maria Antonia Ruiz Herrera, who was the daughter of Jose Francisco Ruiz and Blas Maria Herrera. This was a prominent Tejano family during the battle for independence from Mexico. The time period for this quilt was 1870-1880. The minute stitches were even and precise. The needle turn applique was perfect.

One of my friends went into the museum gift shop to purchase some silver charms of the San Antonio Missions. I walked in with her, only to look… but this angel caught my eye.
This angel is part of a series named Chulada. It was made in Mexico. I just love the colors, the shape, the face…everything! My mother used to call my grandmother, La Chula… the pretty one…so I just had to have this.
I have been trying to design a colorful, cultural quilt. La Chulada just might be the inspiration I need.

Since we were in Brackenridge Park, we stopped by the Conservancy Office to visit with Lynn Osborne Bobbit, the executive director. The office was closed, but we could see the quilt that we made for the Conservancy hanging on the wall. It felt so good to see it displayed.

This was us when we delivered the quilt to Lynne earlier this year.