Journal/ Prayer Pocket

What I love about working with fabric is the range of possibilities of things that can be made.
I started out making a fabric journal. My intent was to make signatures by piecing various fabric, ribbons, etc. .
My first two signatures were a bit more applique than piecing.

This project was not coming out like I had thought, so I set it aside for a bit.
Then, I remembered that this weekend, I am meeting with one of my cousins.
I thought I could make her a journal pocket or maybe a prayer pocket.
She keeps lots of prayer cards, small booklets, and rosaries with her.
I placed some notebooks and a pen just to see if it worked.
My first thought was to fill the pockets for her, but then, maybe she would like to decide for herself how to use this.
The penny in the back pocket is for ” A Penny for your Thoughts”.

The blue signature will be put on hold until I make some paper with the Gelli frame.
I still do not have a brayer or the variety of paints I want. I am also still studying videos. In the meantime, I am finding things from home that can be used on the Gelli plate.

There are many cool videos from Gelli Arts. The one at the bottom is about painting on fusible interfacing.