Movie& Meditation Monday

After my morning walk, my plan was to pull out the Gelli-Art plates and make another attempt at making fabric and paper prints.
First, though, I started out with one stitch meditation piece.

Then, I decided to declare this to be a Movie and Meditation Monday.
I love watching old movies, especially Charlie Chaplin silent movies.
While watching movies, I made a few more stitch meditation blocks.
I have a bin where I throw the small, irregular pieces whenever I am cutting fabric.
These pieces are perfect for small blocks.

Today was fun.
I hope you enjoyed your Monday.


One of the fabrics I used for Gelli-plate printing is a 100% cotton, thin dish cloth.
It’s the one in the middle of the bottom row.

This piece started out a pretty turquoise and ended up a mess. I didn’t like the texture of the cloth…at first.
As I studied the piece, I thought the texture would make a good tree bark applique. I started cutting the tree shape; and then used small pieces to collage a tree. This is still a trial and error, work in progress.