A Small Bag with Many Uses

My goal is to be resourceful and not waste any remnants.
I bought the fusible fabric at Hancock Fabric.
Since they are going out of business, there is a minimum requirement
of purchasing 2 yards.
I made a large and a small tote with 1 1/2 yards.
I then purchased another 2 yards and used a portion to make another large tote.
I had a 9.5 X 17.5 piece of fusible fabric and I thought it was the perfect size for a small clutch or pouch.
The pouch has many uses, such as a cosmetic bag, a bookkeeper, a tablet holder, etc.
I had a half yard of a tropical fish fabric, so I ironed it onto the fusible foam.
Then I faced a lining fabric onto the fish fabric, and stitched a 1/8 seam allowance all around, leaving an opening to turn the fabric right side out.
I stitched 1/4 inch seams to add texture and body.
I had a batik remnant that I cut into a 2.5 strip to use as binding.
I used velcro to fasten the bag.
IMG_6833  IMG_6834

FullSizeRender (34) FullSizeRender (35)

IMG_6842           FullSizeRender (33)

I have some fusible foam left over, and I’m thinking of making a wallet.

Charming Charm Pack Tote

The remaining pieces of fusible foam were just waiting to be used,
so I pulled out my stash to see what I could do.
I had polka dot strips left over from the jelly roll tote,
and I had floral print fabric that I had used for lining.
I picked up a 20 count charm pack and thought about making a small tote.
If I could make one with strips, it shouldn’t be that difficult to make one with squares.
My sister had asked me to make a small tote for her friend,
so I thought I would try to do something with the charm pack and my stash.

IMG_6818I arranged the squares and stitched 5 rows of 4.
I placed the top row on the fusible foam and stitched 1/4″ from the top.
Then I ironed on the first row.
I continued adding each row to the fusible foam in this same manner.





I stitched diagonally in each square in order to give more body and texture to the tote bag.
FullSizeRender (31)
I folded the piece in half in order to find the center, and then I stitched along the center.
FullSizeRender (30)
I added pockets to the lining.

IMG_6831 (1)

I used two 2.5″ strips to make each handle.
I like the handle technique that I learned from the  Craftsy Gemini Improv tutorial, Part 2.
FullSizeRender (29)
This took a total of 2 hours to make, only because I stopped to eat apple pie and ice cream!

Ready for the Beach

After using fusible foam to make a medium-sized tote,
I wondered if the foam would work with a larger tote.
The foam worked beautifully.
I just was a bit clumsy with maneuvering the bag through the machine.
I used the Wilmington Jewels, Ocean View Jelly roll.

ocean view
I had to modify the large tote pattern from Missouri Star Quilting Company since I did not have enough for the lining and outer pockets.
I also added lining pockets, so I had to used strips to make the handles.
I shortened the strip handles.

IMG_6780 IMG_6782

IMG_6814   IMG_6815