For the past nine days, I have been working on a rectangle scrappy quilt designed by Jo Parrott. Originally, the plan was to compile scraps with two of my quilting friends. We are still going to do this at a later date. We are planning our own spring retreat.
The pattern gives an option for using either scraps, or half-yards of 18 different fabrics. I had a bin with some fabric remnants, partial fat quarters, and less than half yard pieces. I thought the colors and designs in this bin would make a nice quilt for my nephew. I finished piecing the quilt top today, and dropped it off with my friend who will longarm it for me. I will post about this quilt when it is quilted. Thanks to Mary, from Zippy Quilts, I was able to be more successful with matching intersections. I read her post when I was about half-way into piecing this scrappy quilt. Her tips really paid off and made the second half of piecing less of an ordeal.
After dropping off the quilt, I started to clean and reorganize my work area. Then, I decided to just have fun instead. I backed some muslin with light fusible interfacing. Then I thread-sketched two birds. I used water color pencils to paint the birds. A textile medium was used to coat the water colored birds. I had a piece of cloudy fabric that I used for the background. This was hand-stitched. I used brown grunge fabric to collage tree limbs. I free motioned the stitches on the tree. After these steps were done, I backed the top with thin batting and a blue fabric. The birds were then quilted onto the block. I couldn’t decide if I wanted buttons or not. My daughter-in-law helped me with that decision.
It was a fun way to spend the afternoon on 02-20-2020. I hope you enjoyed your day also.

Weather Report and Project Update

This is our second day of below freezing weather.
Those icicles are what remain on my roof after two days.
One of our local grocery stores has broken water pipes due to freezing.
One of our main streets had pipes broken and water is flooding the area.
And, there have been numerous car accidents.
My sister’s house in Austin had a broken pipe.
Tomorrow we should hit 43, so that’s good.
I have had enough soup, stew, hot cider, and hot tea and I am ready to move on.
Not whining…just saying…
My hat is off to all of you who live with this type of weather for months!

In the meantime, I have been working on a project.
It might be a wall hanging, or a pillow.
I loved the inspirational and positive word fabric.
At this time, I am thread sketching the bird fabric.
I am also trying to decide if I should FMQ the brown/gray fabric.
I cannot decide on the color of thread to use, and my meandering is not the best.
Maybe I will parallel stitch in the ditch.

This is for practice and for me, so whatever turns out will be fine.

Just for Practice~Just for Fun

I finished the owl hexagon for my 52 Friday Quilt Journal.

Then, I decided to practice some more on FM.
I drew the outline for a Valentine heart.
I made the main curve lines in black permanent ink pen because I thought I was going to use black thread for the FM. I changed my mind and used pink thread. So, to cover up the black lines, I used fabric marker. It didn’t fix the problem, but it looks a little better.
This heart pillow was just for practice and for fun.
It is a bit lumpy because the top fabric is a bit too thick to use with the bottom fabric.
So, it turned out to be a wonky heart.



Practice Makes Perfect…

…and I definitely far from perfect!
I need MORE practice with my free motion quilting.
I can’t remember where I read this, but someone compared free motion quilting to driving a standard car.
I certainly cannot drive standard.

I am having difficulty co-coordinating my hand and foot motion.
One of my problems is also controlling my speed.
I tend to be heavy footed.

Making fabric out of scraps is giving me the opportunity to practice free motion.
I thought trying to free motion on a 14″x 14″ square would be easier than working on a small square.
I try to work in quadrants as I move along the big square.
Maybe I need to go back to practicing on smaller squares.

Any hints, suggestions, or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Today was the second time I used the Solvy product.
It is much easier to use than I thought it would be.
The Solvy holds all these pieces in place, and it makes it easy to free motion.
I use a few pins to secure the Solvy, and it does not slide around at all.
After I am done with the free motion, I just rinse the piece under tap water.
It dissolves very easily, and does not leave any stickiness or goop.
This is today’s Scrap-to-Fabric piece:

When this piece dries, I will embellish with buttons and beads.
I might trim this piece up to make a front for a purse.
Or, I have some journals that I will be gifting, and I might cover them with this piece.
One of my 2018 goals is to learn how to free motion.
I’m glad I am getting a head start, because it is going to take me a LONG time to reach this goal.

Free Motion Quilting

My back, arms, and hands hurt, but the free motion quilting class at the Mesquite Bean Fabric shop was well worth it.
Betty Siegel was the instructor. She is a retired teacher, which really helps, because she knew exactly how to model, explain, encourage, and praise.
It was very frustrating for me, since I do not have the patience it takes to be successful.
I will need to keep practicing.
Betty did help me figure out the thread tension problem I was having with my machine.
Another plus for today was that another student in the class just happened to be a former high school classmate of mine! Gloria was always the happy and joking person in school, and she is still the same.
It was so much fun catching up.
20160923_200040917_ios 20160923_200133620_ios
We worked on 18 inch blocks.
This blue square showed a small improvement.
The white square was supposed to be a loop-de-loop plus heart!
I won’t show you the rest of my blocks because they are awful.
More awful than the ones I posted.

But, I had fun.
That’s all that matters.