Floral Pets~Day 4

After making my first three quilts back in 2014, I thought I was ready to step up my game with a more difficult type of block. I chose a quilt pattern with flying geese…big mistake. After flubbering through three blocks, I threw the blocks and fabric in a UFO bin, where portions of it still reside today. I started using the fabric for other quilts, and I promised myself never to make Flying Geese again.
I now, no longer shy away from Flying Geese. I studied different tutorials and learned how to use the No-Waste method.
I thought the Floral Pets quilt could use two columns of Flying Geese, so I brushed up with more tutorials. Since I am making the block with scraps, I had to make sure I had enough of certain colors to repeat a pattern. I made a few FG blocks just to see how they would look with the pet blocks that I already framed with two borders. As I made the FG blocks, one at a time, I realized that I would not use the No-Waste method… and still not waste the triangles that are trimmed. I started making 11/2 inch blocks with the triangles. There are different possibilities for using these HST in other projects…or maybe not.
Anyway, it was fun making them along with the Flying Geese.

These small HST blocks could make interesting border strips or large squares.

I still have 21 more FG to make.
Taking a break for now.

Quilt Market

Jeana, from Busy Bee Quilting, told me that she would be at the UUMC Quilt Guild 2017 Market today.
It was time for me to visit another quilting show, so I drove over today.
It was difficult finding parking, there were so many people there.
Francine Pons, from Las Colchas was also there.
And, I also ran across a friend who attended elementary school with me.
Eileen has been quilting for years and she belongs to the UUMC Quilt Guild.
It was fun seeing old friends and meeting new people.
There were quite a few vendors there with beautiful fabric.
I also saw so many creative ideas for quilting.
Most of my time was spent looking at the quilts on display.

This afternoon, I got back to work on the Tribute quilt.
I skipped to row 6, since I am waiting for fabric for a block on row 5.
I also made a new block for row 6.
Instead of using Kew Garden, Block #29, that I had made, I decided to make Block #308, Garden Path.
Block #29 Kew Garden
I was never really happy with the color combination on this block.
It was also 1/4 inch shorter and I was going to have to redo the side seams.
Block #308, Garden Path
This block is a lot brighter and happier.
I do not like to make flying geese, but it is getting easier to make them.
I decided to use the rotary method for making the diamond square.
The templates I had made were no where to be found.
I will add this block and the Christmas block to row 6 tomorrow.