In keeping with my 2019 Vision Statement…Create, Focus, Enough, I have been pretty busy. Maybe not so focused😉…but busy creating and happy with the end products.
Before New Year’s Eve, I made four floor pillows. I followed this tutorial for making a pillow with a zipper. Zippers are still a bit tricky for me. I have improved, but I still have trouble with the ends puckering. I have used the tab method, and the non-tab method. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to avoid the puckering at the end of the zippers, I would appreciate hearing from you.

I am back in my sewing room, and I was able to make two Super Hero pillow shams for my son’s home office. Here is the tutorial I followed for making Flanged Pillow Shams.

My Vision and Inspiration board is up. I will be adding to the board throughout the year. I borrowed my son’s idea of having a felt board. It is now part of my Vision and Inspiration wall.

The planner I had bought turned out to be too small, so I bought a medium-sized planner today. It is too large for the notebook pouch I had made, so I made a new one today. Both notebook pouches will be used to carry my planner, sketchbook, journals, and pen case. This pouch is a larger version of button pouches I have made. Instead of zig-zagging the edges like I did with the smaller pouches, I sewed up the sides and left an opening for turning it out. The planner measured 9″x 11″. I cut the outer fabric, lining, and fusible batting at 14″ x 23″. It might have been better to cut it at 26″, to have more of a flap over. But I was using a remnant that was less than 26″. The flap still closes, I just would have liked it to be longer. But…ENOUGH. 😊

So far, I have just been making crafts. My goal is to start working on a quilt in about another week. I will be without my sewing machine, so I will spend the time designing the quilt. I also plan to play around with Gelli plates again. My granddaughter asked if I would bring them with me next week. Also, my sister sent me another video demonstrating how to print a nesting design with Gelli plates. It looks challenging, but I want to give it a try.
I hope that your New Year has started out well. I am looking forward to reading your blogs.