House Quilt

In July, two of my friends and I had our own quilt retreat in Fayetteville, Texas. We were each making the Village quilt, from Jumble. What were we thinking? This is a labor intensive quilt.
I managed to make a few when we were together in July. Since then, I have only opened the box to cut more houses and roofs. Today, I managed to make some more houses. I now have 70 houses…ONLY 30 more to go.
In order to see an end in sight, I placed some of my finished blocks onto my design wall. They are not arranged in any particular order at this time. It made me feel a little better to see that I was actually getting somewhere with this quilt. In fact, it actually made me happy. My two friends will be working on their house quilt when they go to a quilting retreat this week. I opted out of the retreat since I had already had plans for something else on these dates. They will probably finish theirs while at the retreat.
My plan is to make the thirty house all at one time. Then, I will make the 30 roofs. Followed by attaching the roofs to the houses.
I still have to cut the sashing and borders, but I will do that when the houses are completed.

Since I had all the materials needed for making the fabric dolls for Flat Grammy, I decided to make the fabric dolls for the Meemaws. I had already made Flat Kaye, and the other two Meemaws wanted their own fabric flat doll.
Flat Kaye…based on the Flat Stanley Project. Flat Grammy

Now, the Flat Meemaws are ready to travel.

Flat Grammy

For the past three years, I have attended the elementary school Grandparent’s Day activities at the invitation of my granddaughter. This year, I have a schedule conflict that will keep me from attending the event at my granddaughter’s new school. I know I will be arranging a school lunch date with her some time in the near future, but I am really bummed out to be missing the event next week.
Then I remembered about Flat Stanley. My granddaughter and I have a lot of fun joking around. I think she would get a kick out of me making a Flat Grammy for her to take to school in her backpack. I drew a selfie on a scrap of muslin and used fabric crayons and pencil colors. I ironed the muslin onto a one-sided fusible stabilizer. Then I added a grey floral fabric backing before stitching along the drawn lines. Pinking shears were used to cut around the fabric doll. Now, I just have to write a corresponding note.
I would still rather be there in person, but this will have to do for now.

A Meemaw South Padre Island Adventure

My Meemaw friends and I just returned from a great road trip to South Padre Island. Our goal was to visit the South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center, and the Turtle Rescue. One of the Meemaws could not make the trip, so we took her with us in the form of Flat Kaye. This is based on the adventure stories of Flat Stanley. It was fun documenting our trip with Flat Kaye. I did not get to document the 15 minutes we were locked outside on the top of the five story observation tower. We were too busy trying to get someone to come rescue us.
We saw 35 different species of birds on a super windy, and very cold day. We even got to see an Osprey dive and catch a fish, and then watch him fly up to the top of the water tower to enjoy his catch.
The turtle rescue was my favorite.These beautiful creatures stole my heart.
We are planning a return trip for next year.

Flat Kaye

An enjoyable book and activity in my classroom, was Flat Stanley. The children had so much fun taking Flat Stanley on adventures. They would also send him to friends and relatives to take on journeys and visit different places. It was a great way to learn about other cities, states, and places.
My Meemaw friends and I are preparing for a trip to South Padre Island. We are going to visit bird sanctuaries and sea turtle rescues. One of the Meemaws will not be able to go on this trip. I did not want her to miss out on our fun, so I made a Flat Kaye doll.
I drew the doll on muslin and backed it with double-sided Bosal foam and felt. After sewing on the doll outline, I used pinking shears to cut close to the outline. Then I used acrylic paint and a fabric medium to add color. My plan is to include Flat Kaye in the photos we take on our trip. I guess I am still in teacher-mode and I feel the need to plan fun activities for my friends. 😊