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Last week, I packed and mailed some of this Fabracadabra to my friend, Nancy.
The fabric had magically appeared in my stash and some of it had been there for years.
Some I had purchased and partially used.
Some I had inherited from my sister’s stash.
There was fabric yardage that was still untouched.
There was even fabric that came from Winn’s, a store that has been closed for decades!

I wanted the fabric to be put to good use, so I immediately thought of Nancy.
She received the fabric yesterday, and she ALREADY has performed some of her creative magic.
While watching TV last night, she made these adorable burp cloths using fabric remnants from some of the pillows and quilts I had made.

Thank you, Nancy.
I knew you would not let good fabric go to waste.

Don’t forget to check out her Etsy store at ReynoldsCreativeWork.

Organization Day

I’m giving myself a great big hug.
I’m standing straight and tall.
I’m looking straight in front of me.
I’m ready for the hall

A kinder teacher at our school would have the children chant along with her as they finished their morning and were ready to move on to lunch.
Well, I finished my morning of organizing and cleaning up.
Now “I’m giving myself a great big hug and standing straight and tall!”

I only organized the sewing portion of the room.
The shelves with my teacher stuff is next.
The children’s literature that I have remaining are my favorite of all time books.
I plan to weed through these once again.
These books need to be in the hands of children, so I must let them go.
I will sort them out in three stacks: granddaughter, grandson, and new teacher.
My friend who is still teaching says she knows of a beginning teacher who needs books for her class library.
I will probably start clearing this area in August.

But for now, I am pretty happy with my sewing side of the store-room.
I also cleaned up my sewing room/office.
There were four large garbage bags of nit-picky pieces.
Someone with patience and creativity could probably make something with these bits, but it was time to for me to dispose of them.
I will be trying to find a new home for a large bag of good size remnants and scraps.
As I am typing this, I get a message on my phone that Jo Ann’s is having a 25% off total in-store purchase.
Ignore the message!

This is what my sewing room looked like when I dumped the first bins out!

Now, I have two large empty bins…yay!

My smaller bins are re-sorted. I weeded out fabric that I have used numerous times and I also got rid of smaller pieces.

These drawers in my sewing room no longer have fabric in them.
There is one empty large box/drawer that can hold projects that are in progress.
The other drawers have sewing notions, templates, and other things I need at hand.

Now, I’m looking straight in front of me.
I’m ready for …Jo Ann’s!



After a morning of procrastination, I got to the business of sorting and organizing my fabric stash.
Surprisingly, it only took a couple of hours.
And, there is room to spare!
I have small fabric remnants sorted by colors.
It was difficult, but I did end up getting a bag of scraps ready to donate.
A friend of mine had told me she knows where they will be accepted.

There are bins with bags of strips and squares.
The Block A Day book has a few blocks that call for strips and squares.
There are also bins with specialty fabric remnants, such as super heroes etc..
I am keeping those because there is still enough to make totes, small fabric baskets, and other items.
20161227_202331949_ios 20161227_202427877_ios
There is no room for a design wall.
I tried the table cloth, but the place where I thought I could hang it is not easily accessible.
Still thinking on this one.
Now, I am off to cleaning my sewing machine!
Getting ready for the New Year!

Bird in a Flower Garden (Tote or Bag?)

According to some on-line research, there is a difference between a tote and a bag.
It is a small difference, but a difference all the same.

Apparently, a tote bag is a large bag, with two handles.
Totes are usually made from cloth.
A tote has no interior or exterior pockets.
It’s purpose is to “tote” things around.

On the other hand, a handbag is usually smaller to medium-size.
It can have one or two handles.
It’s purpose is meant to carry around personal, everyday things.

The bag I made today is medium-size.
It’s made from cloth and has two handles.
It does however, have two pockets.

Bag or Tote?
Oh well…

One of my goals is to use my fabric stash.
I have quite a few floral prints, so I decided to put some
together to see what I could make.
I started out by cutting fabric into 2.5 inch squares.
I had enough yellow floral fabric to make a 18 in. x 18 in. lining,
so I made four, 4-squares for each side.
I made a 2.5 inch border from fabric I had used to make a quilt.

I added denim from the fabric my sister gave me.
This is the third bag I have made from this denim.
I think there is enough to make 2 more.

I cut the lining and make 8.5 inch pockets.
Then I sewed the two sides and the bottom of the lining using a 1/2 inch seam.
I left a 4 inch slit at the bottom in order to pull the bag through.
I set the pockets six inches from the bottom of the lining
and drew a line in the center.
I drew a line .25 inches from the raw edges of the pocket and attach it to the centered line.

I drew a 2.5 inch square at both bottom lining corners.

I matched the seams and cut on the block line.
This procedure boxes the corners.
I had originally cut two 4 inch strips to make the handles.
Then I decided to cut the strips into 2.5 inch strips and sew the length of the strips together.
I folded the sewn strips in half and pressed.
Then I opened them up and folded each side up to the middle line.
I inserted a 1 1/4 inch strip of batting on the denim side, folded, pressed, and pinned.
I sewed a 1/8 seam to close the strips.
Then I sewed a 1/4 inch seam along both sides.
I liked the two different colors for the handles.
I cut the strip into handles measuring 24 inches.
I stitched in the ditch.
I also added a bird button in the center on one side, and a flower button on the other side.
Place the panels, right side together and sew along the two sides and bottom.
Follow the same procedure for boxing the edges.

I used the denim border seams to center the handles.
Place the quilted bag into the lining, right sides together.
Make sure the handles are between the lining and the quilted bag.
Sew a 1/2 inch seam all around the top.

Pull the quilted bag through the slit.
Slip stitch the slit.
I press the lining before I tuck it back into the bag.
Then I sew a 1/8 inch seam along the top.

20160618_204114072_iOS   20160618_204125444_iOS





Wonky Log Cabin

The first quilt I made was a log cabin quilt.
Log cabin patterns are very easy for beginners.
My stash bin was getting out of control, and I decided to get organized.
As I was looking for organizational ideas online, my mind wandered off to the
topic of Wonky Log Cabin patterns.
What a great way to use scraps and remnants.
I love Wonky.
Today, I decided to try to video the process of making a Wonky Log Cabin.
These blocks can be used to make pillows, tote bags, or quilts.