Today has been both a productive day and a day of procrastination. The productive part of the day started with my fourth class at the Sunin Clay Studio. I was able to paint and glaze four of the five clay products that I made. On Tuesday, I will go back to paint and glaze the wonky bird dish I made. I was happy to see that it stood the test of time;and the heat of the kiln. I was concerned about the head falling off. I was also concerned that the legs might be too wobbly.

As much as I enjoyed this clay class, I do not think I will be signing up for another any time soon.

The afternoon was also productive in that I worked on a small fabric pouch.

I’m in procrastination mode when it comes to fixing the floral pet quilt block. The block has polka-dots that bled on the very corner of two strips. There is no motivation at this point to rip out the block, and add two new sides. Maybe tomorrow.
I hope you had an enjoyable Saturday.