My sister, Emma, and I were having a conversation about Inchies. We were talking about how satisfying it is to draw, sketch, create, something in a small space. She shared with me that as a university senior art student, she created art in two inch squares. This reminded me of a YouTube tutorial by Carrie Chambless…Inchies and Twinchies. Carrie demonstrates using thread scraps in making Twinchies. I, of course, hoard…I mean, save…thread scraps. I have them in jars. In the past, I have used some of these thread and fabric scraps in making a new fabric piece. I then used these new fabric pieces to make journal covers or signatures. I also find myself using balls of thread scraps like a stress relief ball…weird, I know… but it works. Anyway, today I used some burlap and satin scraps, along with thread scraps, to make some Twinchies. I started by backing the fabric scrap with a light weight fusible. Then I added the thread, tiny fabric shavings (which I also collect). Tulle was used to hold all of the scraps in place. Then, I used the sewing machine to free motion everything in place.  Embellishing these little squares with more hand stitching and buttons was very enjoyable.  I had all my jars of buttons out and tried different arrangements. It just so happened that I had some brooch pins, so I made some of the Twinchies into brooches for Emma.  It was a fun and easy process.  And, I just discovered Rinchies! Oh, my! I just love this stuff.
In the cleanup process, I found a new pile of scraps sitting on my table. They are what’s left after I cut the pieces into two inch squares.
When is it Trash or Treasure? I was just about to throw away this latest pile of scraps, when they starting falling into place, making a pretty piece. Trash or Treasure? For now, I am leaving the pile on the table. I will see how I feel about it tomorrow. Maybe the pile will transform into a a stack of Rinchies!


Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from doing little things well.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have been sidelined for a bit. I have one more week of being restricted to staying indoors and off my feet. This is driving me a bit nuts, so I concentrated on doing small things as I rest on my recliner. I have concentrated on hand-stitching, small art, and embroidery. I have cheated a bit, by going to my sewing machine for some thread sketching.
I have been wanting to try Sashiko. A few weeks ago, I found some Sashiko templates. I already had the needles and thimble. After tracing the templates on some denim scraps, I stitched the two different patterns. This is going to take more practice, but I like the process.
Another small project was upcycling a scrappy block that I had in my scrappy bin. I added a black border, then hand-quilted the block. White scraps were used to make a daisy flower that I stitched onto the center.
The 365 Button and Stitch project is still in progress, even though I am still not too happy with it. The other embroidery hoop art project, on which I am working, is more fun. I added a flamingo, elephant, sun, and star to this project. I love the challenge of drawing in a small space with embroidery thread.

The other small project I have become obsessed with is making fabric inchies. Again, the challenge of staying within one inch is so much fun. Today was day two of inchies. I cut two strips of 3″ x 10″ muslin to make a quilt sandwich. I centered and traced a one inch square template onto the muslin. Then I thread sketched birds, faces, and Sponge Bob. After the thread sketching was completed, I added a black backing. Next, I sewed along the sides of the square to make a one inch square. Pinking shears were used to cut the four sides close to the one inch thread border. At first, I was thinking of sewing these inchies onto muslin and making a fabric book. But, from what I read, inchies are used as trading cards or items to share and gift. Mariss, from Fabrication, suggested a box. I had the perfect box for these. My youngest son is very artistic and good with wood work. He made me a box with a drawer made from a 4″x4″ block of cedar. I had been using it to hold jewelry, but it is perfect for holding the inchies.

I am trying to make the best of this down time. Taking this time to stop and think, has helped me appreciate the small things.

Inch by Inch

In keeping with my Scrappy New Year theme, I pulled out my bin of tiny scraps. For some time now, I have been wanting to try my hand at making inchies. Today was a good day to start.
For the first inchies I made, I just cut heart shapes and sewed them onto a 1.5 inch block. Then, I started thread sketching a face, elephant, and a person on a 1.5 inch block. I also cut tiny pieces of fabric and thread sketched birds. The inchies range in size from 1 ” blocks to 1.5″ blocks.
Now, what do I do with these inchies? On Pinterest, you can find brooches, jewelry, ornaments, etc. made from inchies. For now, the inchies I made will be stored in a box. I had fun making these.