100 Day Project

When I was cleaning off my cutting table, I found some muslin strips that had fusible batting. These were left over from a pillow backing that I had made. The strips were 2.5″ by 20″. I couldn’t throw them away, but they aren’t really a good size for anything. Then, I decided to use them to practice embroidery and slow stitching, and thread sketching. It just so happens that the 100 Day Project started, so I decided this will be my daily project.

Day 1: I thread sketched a selfie and backed it with some scraps.

Day 2: I just can’t seem to throw away even the smallest pieces of fabric ūüėČ

Day 3: Thread sketch of two bluebirds.



A Bit of Beauty

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.
Thomas Aquinas

Thirty of my forty-two year teaching career was at my neighborhood school.
Only one of the teachers who opened the school with us, back in the ’90’s is still teaching.
She was the baby of the group and plans to retire at the end of this year.

We were a pretty strong faculty and staff.
We didn’t always agree, but we always had each other’s back.
We went through the hardships and joy of teaching; all the weddings, births, raising of children, graduations, marriages, and funerals.
All as one big family.
Today, was another one of those funerals.

I consider myself very fortunate to be part of this group.
Some of us meet regularly and have a busy calendar of fun, which includes birding, crafting, and hiking.

These ladies are very creative, in so many different ways.
Terri, who use to run our campus special education department, can do just about anything.
She just finished making this beautiful pillow for a baby in her family.
Terri drew the peacock and did a great job with embroidering.
The stitches are perfect.
I love the colors she chose.

On this very sad day, I just wanted to share a bit of beauty.
I asked Terri if I could post it on my blog, so here it is.
20161020_151740726_ios 20161020_151754201_ios

Rattle and Roll

skullcupThis is a cup similar to one I purchased for my daughter in law, who loves anything sugar skull.
I wanted to add more to her birthday bag, so I meandered to my favorite place, |
Las Colchas.
There, I saw a Halloween display that included a pattern by Crab-Apple Hill.
The pattern title is  Rattle and Roll.
Las Colchas prepared the kit with  the embroidery and fabric needed to make the pillows.
The instructions included illustrations of the different types of embroidery stitches. The pattern also gave instructions for tinting the design techniques.
Instead of embroidery Happy and Halloween on the pillows, I embroidered the names of my
daughter in law and my son.
rattle roll  halloween
Start Date : May 28, 2015
Completed: June 1, 2015

Acquired /Improved Skills: french knot stitch, cast stitch, back-stitch, tinting the design

My First Projects

Before I attempted quilting, I started embroidering.
This was due to the inspiration and prompting of my mother, Tonie.
Mom did beautiful work.
She was precise, neat, and creative in her embroidery.
I decided to try my hand and started with dish towels.
Just like my mom, I love birds, so I chose this Blue Bird of Happiness for one of my son.
NY (6)I then made a coffee set and a sunflower set for my other sons. The bird with polka dot set was made for a very special person.
dishtowels  sunflower