Flower Power Denim Bag Update

After running errands this morning, I was able to complete the Flower Power Denim bag.
It has a floral lining which is fabric that I used on two previous bags.
The lining has two denim pockets.
I used buttons to make a flower for each of the center denim squares.
I hand embroidered the stems, leaves, and decorative stitching.

20160613_210108111_iOS    20160613_210153527_iOS 20160613_210305897_iOS

There is about 2 yards of denim remaining from the fabric I received from my sister.
I bought some charm squares that coordinate with the denim.
The white and grey polka dot will line two totes.

Flower Power Denim Tote Bag…in Progress

My stash bins are out of control again.

As I was reorganizing the bins, I started thinking
of a design for a new bag.
My sister had given me yards of denim.
The bins were filled with floral print remnants.
I started with 6.5 inch denim squares.
I framed the squares with 2.5 inch floral squares.

The block is a 10 inch square.
I decided to add denim borders.
I also thought I would try embroidering some flowers
in the center square.
I finished piecing both front and back sections,
but I only embroidered one side.
I’ll try to finish it tomorrow.