Rattle and Roll

skullcupThis is a cup similar to one I purchased for my daughter in law, who loves anything sugar skull.
I wanted to add more to her birthday bag, so I meandered to my favorite place, |
Las Colchas.
There, I saw a Halloween display that included a pattern by Crab-Apple Hill.
The pattern title is  Rattle and Roll.
Las Colchas prepared the kit with  the embroidery and fabric needed to make the pillows.
The instructions included illustrations of the different types of embroidery stitches. The pattern also gave instructions for tinting the design techniques.
Instead of embroidery Happy and Halloween on the pillows, I embroidered the names of my
daughter in law and my son.
rattle roll  halloween
Start Date : May 28, 2015
Completed: June 1, 2015

Acquired /Improved Skills: french knot stitch, cast stitch, back-stitch, tinting the design