Easter Cookies

The last time I baked cookies must have been around  the year my youngest son left for college…in 2000.
I am in no way a cook or a baker.
So, when my Meemaw friend arranged to have her daughter-in-law’s friend have a cookie decorating lesson, I almost said no.
However, I cannot pass up a chance to have fun with the Meemaws, so I went.
To save time, the cookies were already made. She gave us her recipe for the shortbread cookies.
We learned how to make the icing.
I spent from 5:00 pm -8:45 decorating the cookies with homemade icing.
The results are not grand, but the cookies are delicious.
It was also a lot of fun trying something new.
The last three in the bottom row are supposed to be tulips.
I think I will stick to quilting and making rope baskets.