Quilted Tote Bag: Buzz and Flutter

I found a Moda Bake Shop pattern designed by Glenn Dragone .
The pattern was easy to follow the pattern, up until the assembly of the quilt panels.
It may be me, and not the pattern.
I purchased 2.5 inch strips by Creative Cuts by Fabric Editions.

Instead of cutting 2.5 inch squares individually, I sewed two strips together and then cut.

20160620_015711174_iOS Front and Back Panels

Add 1 /4 inch borders

Sandwich batting between panel and lining for all 5 pieces: front, back, two sides, and bottom

Quilt all 5 pieces separately
Add border to top of front, back, and the two side panels

20160620_213612437_iOS 20160620_213603986_iOS
Make handles using a 21 inch by 4 inch piece of fabric
20160620_231044413_iOS 20160620_231104113_iOS

I added a bee and a butter fly button on the front and back panel (Buzz and Flutter)
I added flower buttons on the lining to cover the stitching on the handles.

Attach the bottom
Then the pattern gets confusing for me.
I muddled through the rest of the way and made my
own steps.

20160621_004400580_iOS    20160621_004417051_iOS


Quilted Patchwork Tote Bag: Color Me Global

Wal-Mart is becoming my quick, go-to store for last-minute quilting runs.
While looking for some batting, I found some cute, inexpensive charm packs by
Fabric Edition.
One of the packs I purchased had a great description of the fabric charms.
It described the fabric as a “color palette rich in exotic global colors”.
The other pack had solid and quatrefoil prints.
I used the global pack to make a denim tote.
I then combined the remaining global charms with the solid and quatrefoil prints.
The teacher in me has to name things, so my name for this tote is, Color Me Global.
Since I learn so much from watching tutorials, I wanted to make a tutorial.
I know I am missing some steps, but maybe a visual learner can pick up some ideas
by watching the tutorial.