Keeping Busy

There are a few big projects I have planned, but I am not ready to start any of them. In the meantime, I am just keeping busy with little stuff.
I piddled around with five small projects.
My Meemaw friends wanted their own vulture rocks, so I made one for each of them.
I also made a couple of more rock socks. It is something I like doing when I am watching TV.
Another favorite thing to do while watching TV is stitching, or embroidering. I embroidered a few pieces and stitched them onto a fabric strip. This was made into a fabric snippet attached to a wooden spool.
The other day, I was digging through my purse, trying to get my phone. I realized that it was time to make a phone case that would make it easier to find. It also would add some protection. Crafty Gemini had a super easy pattern and tutorial. I made my case a bit larger to fit my phone. I also added a tab and clasp. This way, I can attach it to the loop in my purse. My DIL showed me the phone case that she made for when she goes walking. It has an elastic arm band. I am thinking of making one for me.
Because of the pandemic, I have not had my hair cut since March. My hair is out of control. I am pulling my hair into a small pony tail. I read that scrunchies are making a comeback…Ha! I found a YouTube tutorial on How To by Kristen. I made one for myself, and then made some more for my granddaughter.
Before I start on any of the bigger projects, my sewing room needs major reorganization and cleaning. Maybe I will get to that tomorrow.
Or, maybe I will make more scrunchies! ūüôā

Stay Safe.

Still Raining

It is still raining, and since I am stuck inside, I decided to get busy on some small projects. One of the projects is a small zipper tote. I followed the tutorial by Jenny Doan at Missouri Star. I had some of the sewing notion print fabric leftover, so I made two small zippered pouches.

Sewing Notion Pouches

Zippered Pouch
These pouches will come in handy tomorrow. If we get out of the low water crossing and flood alert, I will be meeting two of my friends at Las Colchas. Francine, the owner of Las Colchas, is opening her shop on Monday to give us sewing lessons. It has been years since I made clothes for myself. I need a refresher on how to fit the pattern and make necklines and sleeves. It should be a fun day…if it stops raining!
I also made some small zipper-less pouches. Vanessa, at Crafty Gemini, has a tutorial for these small pouches. These pouches are good stash busters. I plan to gift them at a luncheon I will be attending.

It has been a productive Sunday.
I hope you have enjoyed your day.


A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”
Albert Einstein

Yesterday, I made a mistake by skipping a step from a tutorial on how to make a phone sleeve.
Crafty Gemini has a phone sleeve tutorial that is very easy to follow.
(There are so many good ideas and  tutorials on Crafty Gemini blog and youtube.)
However, I was too busy trying to add a step to the phone sleeve tutorial, that I totally forgot to add the closing tab.
I wanted to add a wrist holder, and I just missed the tutorial step on adding a closing tab.
This mistake had me thinking all night as to how I could attach a tab without having to rip and redo.
It may be super easy for others to do this, but it took some time for me to figure something new.

The results are okay since this phone sleeve is for me.
The tab is functional.
And, I did not have to start over.

This is the original phone sleeve without a closing tab.

I covered up a zig- zag hem with a button.
Then I added a button to cover up the hem and give the tab the weight to close.

I tucked in the end seam on the back and reinforced the strip.

This fabric reminds me of a “Groovy” dress I wore back in the ’60’s!¬†


Reconnected to the World

After a beautiful Easter weekend, my iPhone went totally out.
It was a repeat problem of what had happened a year ago.
At that time, I got the phone fixed at the Apple Store.
That was my intention yesterday… to get it fixed.
But, as soon as I walked in, I decided to get a new phone.

The phone I chose was larger than my last phone, so I decided to make a new carrying sleeve.
I found a very bright fat quarter and some white and pink polka dot material in my fabric bins.
Crafty Gemini has great tutorials on so many topics, so I checked You Tube and found what I needed.
The tutorial is for a smaller phone, so I adjusted the measurements to
5.5″W x 14.5″ L.

The one step from the tutorial that I forgot to do was to add elastic and a button for a closing tab.
I wanted to be able to carry this easily, so I added a step to the pattern.
I used  a store bought strap with a clip and a hoop to place in a fabric loop.
I might make another one, if I can’t figure out how to add a tab onto this one.
Either way, it is good to be reconnected!