Spring Preview

My thoughts and prayers are with all of my blogging friends who are experiencing the winter storms.
We finally had a break from grey, misty days.
Our spring weather is so short, so my friends and I decided to go for a walk to enjoy the spring preview.
I made a video with the intention of giving you a glimmer of hope that spring will soon be coming your way. I was using my phone camera, so some of the videos are a bit hazy.
Also, there are two photos that I thought I had rotated but apparently I didn’t…oops!
I included the shot of the train for my grandson.
The stars for the day were the Egyptian Geese we saw along the river.
We walked a portion of the San Antonio River that led to the newly opened Confluence Park.
The parkĀ  promotes ecological education and provides a place for recreation.
It was a very enjoyable walk.