Spring Craft Deadline

This morning, I met the  part of my deadline for the spring projects I will be gifting tomorrow.
I completed two sets of coiled rope plate mats and heart-shaped bowls; along with a small coiled bowl and a rock painting.
There is still one more coiled project to do for one of my three sons. I have an extension on the deadline, since he does not live close by and we will not be meeting this weekend.

Fiesta Coiled Plate Mats and Heart-Shaped Dish

Boho Coiled Plate Mats and Heart-Shaped Dish

Small Ring Dish 
Pig in a Wig painted rock
(Pig in a Wig is the character in my sister’s series of children’s books.)

Since I have working to meet this deadline, and meeting with daily life events, I have not been able to work on the hexagon block for my quilt journal. I have the design in my head, but I just have not had the time to work on it. I plan to try something new with this block.
Tierney posted some work she did with fabric painting. She also posted some great information on good habits that can change your life.
Also, my friend, Jeana, who does my long arm quilting, has been encouraging me to try some fabric painting.
I spent my non-coiled mat making minutes viewing fabric painting tutorials and trying things out.
I just played with the paint on different fabrics.
Hopefully, when I return from visiting with two of my sons, I will get started on painting the fabric for my hexagon block.

Melanine, of Catbird Quilt Studio, posted some great essays and thoughts on creativity.
Reading these posts gave me the encouragement I needed to persist on this new fabric painting venture.

I know it seems that I am going in many different directions…rope baskets, improv quilts, quilt journal, fabric painting…but that is the way I work. For better or for worse.
It would probably be better to focus on one thing at a time, but I have never been able to stay focused for too long.
But I am okay with this… I am having so much fun!


Finally! It has taken four days to complete four coiled fabric plates.
Wrapping 15 yards of clothesline is tedious and time consuming.
I was wondering if it was worth the effort, since I did not see how fabric coiled plates could be functional. But, I visited a friend who has rattan plate chargers and she says that she loves these fabric coiled plates that I made.
My sister also loves them and would like some made in gray and blue. 

I plan to make a bowl to go with these plates, but it will have to wait.
Another reason it took me so long to make these is that I have been out of the studio a bit more this week. It has been fun enjoying the spring weather, and I had non-sewing business that also took up time.
Today would have been my dad’s 98th birthday.
My siblings and I spent some time today sharing funny stories.

My dad, in one of his many plaid shirts.
This is just one of the shirts I used in making a memory quilt out of all of my dad’s plaid shirts.

My dad never missed Wednesday night bowling. As a child, I would make sure that I went with him. Thursday mornings at school were SO difficult after a late night of running around, and drinking and eating as much sugar as possible.
I have been designing my hexagon block for this week in honor of my dad.
I am also preparing to purge fabric and things in an attempt to update my studio.
This will be a large task, so I am taking it a step at a time.


It has been a beautiful first day of spring.
After enjoying the morning outdoors, I met my former teaching partner at school for lunch.
It felt so good seeing her and the children again.
The last students I taught are now fifth graders.
I got to visit with them, and I promised to return for their graduation.
I spent the rest of the afternoon making rope products.

I had just enough black and white strips and rope remaining to make this ring dish.
It takes a bit over 2 yards of rope for this size bowl.
Then I started a project that is more time consuming than I thought.
It’s a Wrap by Susan Breier has directions for making a coiled plate.
There are two versions.
The first is a fabric covered coiled plate.
The second is a whole-fabric coiled plate. This plate is just the coiled rope, covered by a top fabric that is quilted.
I chose to do a fabric covered coiled plate, because I am using up my stash.
It takes 15 yards of rope, and 3/4 yards of fabric or stash.
I like the end result, but it takes up time. The thought of making a set of 4 is making me wish I had not started this.

I self-imposed some timelines and rope projects.
I want to get through these projects so I can continue working on the quilt for my grandson.
I also want to get back to some more thread sketching.
When I finish the quilt for my grandson, I will start on an improv quilt.

Now I wish I had two sewing machines.
If I had two, I could have one set up for the rope products, and one for the quilts.
It is too much hassle changing needles, type of thread, and the presser foot when switching projects.
If I had two machines, I could split my time and work on both types of products.
I have a running list of the pros and cons for getting another sewing machine.
Right now, the pro list is winning.