Saturday Stitching

I would like to start this Saturday by thanking Cindy for once again sending me on a creative adventure!
Cindy sent me a link to Liz Kettle at Textile Evolutions. I loved hearing the artist’s story and listening to her thoughts about creating. I had never heard of stitch meditation…what a cool idea!
Liz states that an artist job is to “make and not judge”.  She also talks about using this stitch meditation to “start the day with art.” What a way to start the day!
Liz sometimes starts with an “ugly” fabric. Yesterday’s Gelli-Art prints have turned into a stitch meditation piece for me.I chose the Purple Mush mistake piece and the Orange Slush clean-up scrap that I had planned on discarding. Then, I just pulled out another fabric piece from my tiny scrap bin. I added one of the muslin pieces that I had stamped many moons ago.
I found this hand-stitching to be quite peaceful and fun.
Thanks for the link, Cindy.

I used the rest of the Purple Mush mistake fabric to make a 5″x 7″ quilted block. This block could become a part of a signature for a fabric just-for-fun journal.

Three Favorite Quotes~Day 3

This morning, I read a post by Cindy Anderson, “What’s Blooming in May?”. In this post, Cindy shares photos that capture the beauty of little things that usually go unnoticed.
The post reminded me of this quote by Franz Kafka:

          Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

This quote is not about resisting the inevitable timeline of age.
It is more about the timelessness that appreciating beauty can add to your life.
Thank you, Cindy, for your post.
And thank you for including me in this Three Favorite Quotes.


Three Favorite Quotes~Day 2

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.
Henry David Thoreau

Each morning, I start by reading books, poems, articles, or quotes about life’s journey. Each week, I choose one quote or thought to write in my journal and calendar. This quote becomes my focus for the week.
I frequently refer to Thoreau for inspiration. This is one of my favorite Thoreau quotes. I especially like the reminder to “find your eternity in each moment”.

Stone Painting

My collection of stone paintings is growing.
I painted three more today.
Once I have a bit more, I will seal them with some coats of varnish.

All You Need is Love

Sunshine Bird

Now, I need to make more fabric rope bowls!

I think I will do a few more stone paintings before I get back to quilting.
In a conversation with Cindy, we talked about all the options for quilting projects.
I remarked that I was stuck in deciding what project to do next.
Cindy suggested writing my options on pieces of paper and choosing one.
I did just that, and I picked up the paper with English paper piecing hexagons!
This will actually come in handy next week when I am on the road with my Meemaw friends.
We will be going on the Vanishing River Cruise in hopes of spotting some eagles.
The weather forecast is rainy, so I do not know how much we will get to see.
We will have fun, no matter the weather, but I might have some down time during the trip.
I can work on the hexagons if we get stuck in the condo we rented.
It will also give me the opportunity to use up some of my fabric stash.


As I get older, I’m trying to accept improvisation into my day-to-day living.
Colin Mochrie

Wow! What a day!
My sewing room is a total mess, but it has been so much fun.
Thanks to Cindy Anderson, I have been reading two of the books she suggested.

create your own free-form quilts by Rayna Gillman
15  Minutes of Play: Improvisational Quilts by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

I also viewed tutorials by Ryana Gillman  

Cutting fabric without rules!
After studying the books for a few days, and watching videos, I really didn’t know where to start.
Ryana Gillman talks about revisiting and reinventing a block.
I pulled out some of my practice, “what-was-I-thinking?” blocks.
Gillman also suggests that you just cut and slice, without dwelling or thinking about it too long.
So, I grabbed the rotary and cut…added, cut again, added…
After the first few cuts, I started feeling comfortable and having fun.

I do not know what I will do with these reinvented blocks.
My improvisation is a bit off…but, again, there are no rules…
I’m not there yet, but it is a first step in trying something new.

“What Was I Thinking ?” Block #1

What am I doing?

Reinvented Block #1

“What Was I Thinking ?” Block #2

Improved…Different…But not the best…

Improvising in my old age has made my day to day a bit more exciting.
Thank you, Cindy Anderson!