Spread the Word

The recent somber and disturbing events, have caused me to feel a bit helpless and  useless. I entered my sewing room, my happy place, and just could not get back to finishing my Christmas quilt.
What can one do to stop this rise of hate and intolerance of diversity?
I decided to just spread the word…in my own small way.
Quilt Message Blocks
Spread the word.

Thank you, Tierney, for your upbeat post. You are so right…”it is good to post a reminder about the good people in the world we meet in our daily lives…”.

I will get back to making happy things. I just made a tote bag and zipper pouch for my grandson.
A Pokemon tote bag filled with school supplies.
Zippered Pokemon Pouch

The Christmas quilt will have to wait until tomorrow. Apparently, I miscalculated the fabric needed for the two borders. I am off by one strip on each border. 🙄 I might be able to adjust if I add a corner piece to each border. But, that is too much figuring for now. So, it will hang on the design wall until inspiration strikes…or I just head out to Mesquite Bean tomorrow.
In the meantime, hug your loved ones.

The first border is off-white on white with a candy cane design.
The second border is a peppermint print fabric.

Stack n’Whack

It was predicted that we would hit 100 degrees today, which we did. I did my running around in the “cool” part of the morning, and spent the rest of the day in AC.
I  had stacked the fabric squares last night, so I was ready to whack this afternoon. There were a few moments of anxiety because I have never cut through more than two fabrics at a time. I started out stacking four, then felt confident to move up to six. Instead of whacking all of the fabric stacks, I decided to stop and make a few blocks. The fabrics I chose are filled with movement and fun. The blocks are definitely happy blocks. I am a bit concerned about two fabric choices that are darker in color than the others, but I think it will work out if I place them correctly.
The Stack N’Whack method is quick and easy. I am glad I had invested in some rulers in different sizes. The 8.5″ block ruler makes it easy and quick to accurately square up the blocks. I am looking forward to piecing the blocks by the end of this week.

Stack of 18 completed blocks

I cannot choose a favorite out of the blocks I completed today. So much fun!

No More Pinterest

Yesterday was Movie Monday for me. I started my day by watching old movies to relax, before I went onto business. After a busy afternoon of errands, I went to my computer. I had not visited Pinterest for some time now, so I thought I would just glance through. Too many minutes later, I had a list of new projects that I thought would be fun. I especially liked this Christmas quilt made by Angie, from The Little Fabric Blog.
Who needs another Christmas quilt? I don’t need one, but I do want one.

The pictures and directions for the quilt are very easy. Angie adds a link to Allison from Cluck, Cluck, SewOn this link, Allison gives a tutorial on Stack n’Whack Blocks. I had some Christmas fabric that I purchased at the B & B Quilt Shop the last time I was in Buda, Texas. Then I remembered seeing some great fabrics at the Mesquite Bean that I knew would coordinate well with what I had in my stash. Since the Mesquite Bean is on the same road as my exercise class, I stopped by to pick up a few more fabric pieces. I completed the first step of cutting 9″ blocks. I will stack and whack them tomorrow.
Note to Self: No More Pinterest