New Skills

Up until now, I have used basic quilt blocks such as rail fence, log cabin, four and nine patch, and half square triangles.
The two blocks I completed today were very exciting.
Please excuse my goofiness here:)

With Block #99, Candies, I learned how to make a 4.5 inch hour glass with two half-square triangles.
I found this so exciting that I had to text my sisters!
20170116_182852086_ios 20170116_183733410_ios
Last week, I experienced a day where I spent most of my time ripping and re-doing.
So, I made a commitment to reading the directions more carefully.
I followed the directions for Block #99 exactly as written, even though I questioned a step.
The step in question was to trim two strips from 2 inches to 1.5 inches.
I did it anyway.
Then I had to rip the block because it now did not measure 12.5 inches!
I cut new 12.5 inches X 2 inches, and it all worked out.

Block #99, Candies

Mom always had candy dishes on the coffee table.

The second block I made today was Block #349, Kitchen Workbox.
I learned how to make triangle- and -square blocks.

I made a mistake on the first triangle-and square block as you can see in the photo.
Fortunately, I caught the mistake in time, so I only had to rip and re-do one.
Block # 349, Kitchen Workbox

The fabric I chose represents mom’s green tile counters and floors.