Meemaw Trip

Last week, my Meemaw friends and I drove to Camp Verde,Texas. We had a delightful lunch and dessert at the General Store. It was a breezy, sunny spring day.
After walking the grounds, we drove to Comfort, Texas. The chickens in the video were absolutely beautiful. I got a picture of a Longhorn, but he bowed his head just as I took the photo. We visited the Tinsmith’s Wife Shop. It has gorgeous yarns. Walking through this store made me want to take up knitting. The Treue Der Union Monument is in Comfort. This monument is in honor of German settlers who were established here. They were against the Civil War. They were followed and killed on their way to Mexico during the Civil War. One of the fathers of the slain settlers went to retrieve the bodies and had them buried in Comfort.
We also visited a very quaint little public library.

Spring Fun

Today I took a break from my usual day activities and visited Camp Verde with my walking buddies.
The camp opened in 1855 and is most famous for the camel experiment, for hauling cotton to Mexico.
The food at the General Store is delicious…especially the dessert!
Our original purpose was to take in some history and a walk.
We spent more time enjoying the restaurant.
The wildflowers along the highway and fields are beautiful.
I must go to New Braunfels to get the Moda Wildflower VIII!
We are expecting a hail storm tonight, so I will see what tomorrow looks like.
I think it should clear my early morning.
Camp Verde

Cute Camels are everywhere at Camp Verde!

A delicious chocolate camel decorated the yummy peach cobbler!
The chocolate camels are made fresh each morning.

I love rocks, so I could not pass up these beauties.

I also had to have this cute little good luck pig.
The card tells of the German saying:”Ich habe Schwein gehabt!”; “I have a pig.”
It probably dates to the hard times when you were considered lucky if you had a pig to feed a family.
I will place it next to my other luck pig, Chanchito, from Chile. Chanchitos are given to friends as a toke of goodwill and love.

When I returned home, I was hit by the smell of lavender.
The pound of lavender that I ordered is overpowering!
I told my friend I was choking from the smell, and she said that in my case, crafting is dangerous to my health! 🙂