Pause for Pillowcases

Today, I hit pause on arranging the fat quarter quilt blocks. A new month will be here soon, so I stopped working on the quilt so I could make the pillowcases for my two youngest grandchildren.
July is big birthday month for my family.
All three of my sons and my granddaughter have a birthday this month. My one and only niece has a birthday this month.
I tried a new pattern that was given to me by my friend and owner of Las Colchas.
She had run out of the birthday fabric, so I had to go to JoAnn’s.
I didn’t particularly care for the black and multi-colored birthday fabric, but it was the only birthday fabric available.
The pattern calls for gathering and this is a first for me. I tried gathering to make the ruffle three times. Each time the thread would break on me.  Then I looked up some tutorials on gathering fabric. I should have done this first!
There were so many tutorials, each with a bit of difference in instructions. I chose to follow the instructions given by Leslie , The Seasoned Homemaker. She connects the two parallel lines at one end. This made a big difference. No thread breakage!

The photo does not show how the ruffle poofs up.

This month’s fabric theme for my grandson is Paw Patrol. These were made using the burrito pillowcase technique.

Now, it is time to pause for a Popsicle!

A Tote for Tuesday

Last week, I let my friend talk me into buying a pattern and fabric for a tote bag. The pattern is
The “Lucille” Bag by Abbey Lane Quilts. I really do not need another bag, but I loved the fabric. I chose the fabric that Marti originally had chosen for herself. We decided it looked like me…and she found a gorgeous linen fabric with owls.
We met on Sunday to work on our bags. Marti is a perfectionist, as seen in her precise cutting and seams. I have made many tote bags, but this one was a bit different and difficult for me. It has pleats, which I have never done. It also calls for the sides to be gathered before adding some ties. I made a mistake by not adding pockets to the lining. Also, now that I have a key-less car, I really need a loop inside so that I can attach the car remote. I will try to add a clip somehow.
It was fun to make this together.

Today, I mailed off the pillowcases for my grandchildren. For some reason, I forgot to take a photo of the Incredible 2 pillowcases. I made a unicorn pillowcase for my granddaughter.

Star Wars

My grandchildren are a main source of inspiration for me. The other day, my grandson said, “Gramma, I love everything you make for me.”
He had me at “Gramma”!

So, of course I was inspired to make him something.
I decided to make his pillowcases for May, based on a conversation I overhead him having with his uncle. It was an exciting discussion between two Star Wars fans.
My son has been a Star Wars fan since he was a toddler himself…wearing Star Wars Underoos. When I first started quilting, I made my son a Darth Vadar quilt. He has it displayed in his home office.

Another celebration day in my classroom was Star Wars Day, May 4th.
I would wear my black Darth Vadar cape, and use a lightsabor for a pointer and talking stick. The kids loved to explain the process they used in solving a math problem, because they got to use the lightsabor.
I also had a t-shirt that read: Metaphors Be With You. I would wear this for teaching writing.
Here are the pillowcases I made for my youngest grandson and my granddaughter:

This is for my grandson’s little pillow.

This is his standard sized pillowcase.

This is my granddaughter’s standard sized pillowcase.

Naturally, all this talk and memories that come with Star Wars will have to be documented in my fabric quilt journal for this week. I thread sketched and painted Yoda. I will finish it later this week.

It has been a fun afternoon, just thinking of all these Star War moments!
I hope you all have enjoyed your afternoon.

Burrito Pillowcases

 A pillowcase of Jack-o-lanterns and candy treats
for you to lay your head

Think of fun October nights as you dream in your bed

My daughter-in-law loved the other pillowcases I made.
I needed to make two more.
When I went on my Halloween fabric purchasing spree, I found these adorable wacky polka-dot fabrics.
I thought that the Jack-o-Lantern and candy fabric, and the polka-dots, would make cheery pillowcases.
I made these burrito pillowcases instead of binding a quilt that must be delivered to the show on Tuesday.
I’ll start tomorrow.

Magical Pillowcase

My friend told me that she had made Burrito pillowcases for her granddaughters.
I found an online tutorial , twiddletails , where I learned that these pillowcases are also known as Magical Pillowcases.
The tutorial was very easy to follow.
I’m still learning and trying to build my sewing skills, so I was happy to learn how to make a French seam!
I made these pillowcases to coordinate with the space quilts I made for my two youngest grandchildren.

Now, I am looking for a good pattern to make organizational fabric baskets/containers.
I found a few on Pinterest.
There is also a round fabric canister kit at Mesquite Bean.
Any suggestions are welcomed.