October Baby

My daughter-in-law sent me the latest sonograms and updates on our October baby boy. Both mom and son are doing well.
I have finished making all of the Batman things for the baby shower that will be held soon. My son painted the baby room this weekend, and there is already a framed poster of Batman on the wall.
I finished binding the quilt, and all the burp cloths and bibs are complete. I bought a Batman canvas bin to hold all the goodies. And I just couldn’t resist buying Bat Bear. I may have gone overboard on the theme.

I love the bat quilting pattern.                      The back is a very soft flannel.


Poster Source

Last week, I packed and mailed some of this Fabracadabra to my friend, Nancy.
The fabric had magically appeared in my stash and some of it had been there for years.
Some I had purchased and partially used.
Some I had inherited from my sister’s stash.
There was fabric yardage that was still untouched.
There was even fabric that came from Winn’s, a store that has been closed for decades!

I wanted the fabric to be put to good use, so I immediately thought of Nancy.
She received the fabric yesterday, and she ALREADY has performed some of her creative magic.
While watching TV last night, she made these adorable burp cloths using fabric remnants from some of the pillows and quilts I had made.

Thank you, Nancy.
I knew you would not let good fabric go to waste.

Don’t forget to check out her Etsy store at ReynoldsCreativeWork.