Delivery Day

Nine months ago, my friends and I went on a tour of Brackenridge Park.
We all have memories of family picnics spent in this historical park.
After our tour, we had a picnic with the executive directive of the park, Lynne Osbourne Bobbitt.
The idea for the quilt was the result of spending this beautiful day at Brackenridge Park.

My Meemaw friends and I had fun shopping for fabric, piecing the quilt, and going for special lunches throughout the time it took to complete this quilt.
Jeana Kubik donated her talent and skill and long arm services.
Jeana was not able to go with us as we delivered the quilt, so we will celebrate with her when it is time to go see the quilt hanging in the office of the Brackenridge Conservancy.

Lynn Osbourne Bobbitt, the Executive Director, was thrilled to receive this quilt.

From L-R:
Lynn Osbourne Bobbitt
The Meemaws- Me, Kaye, Terri, and Marti

I love making quilts.
Giving quilts is even more fun.

Brackenridge Park Conservancy Quilt

In previous posts, I talked about a project that I proposed to four of my buddies.
My friend Jeana Kubik offered to donate her long arm services.
We called ourselves the Brack Pack.
We had visited the Brackenridge Park Conservancy, and I thought it would be a great to make a quilt that tells the story of this beautiful, people’s park in San Antonio.
I purchased a pattern by Debbie Grifka that I thought could represent the river and the park.
We had fun fabric shopping at Creations in Kerrville.
The people at the conservancy gave us the photos, and my friend’s brother printed them for us.
This project gave us the opportunity to meet, sew, and have many lunches.
I picked the quilt up from Jeana this past week.
Today, I was able to add the label and bind the quilt.
The five of us will be presenting it to the Brackenridge Conservancy on November 30.
Of course, a celebration lunch is planned.

Brackenridge Park Quilt

Since the members of the Brack Pack are off in different directions, I picked up the Brackenridge Park quilt top in order to continue from our last stopping point.
I had used interfacing to make the photos ready for applique.
Then we placed the photos on wool felt and pinned them in the appropriate spots.
When I first tried to sew one the photos and felt frames onto the quilt, I had difficulty keeping the photos straight.
The group thought it would be a good idea to use double-sided fusible interfacing, so that is where I started today.
We were so wrong about the interfacing.
It made the felt a bit goopy and it didn’t stick.
I ended up slip stitching the photos.
We might still slip stitch the felt border, but we will all have to make this decision.
Our friend, Jeana Kubik, of Busy Bees Quilting, has offered to long arm the quilt for us.
We plan to consult with her to see what else we should do, if anything.
We can always count on Jeana for great ideas.

Click on Alamo Nature Challenge for information on these photos.

Dionicio Rodriquez Bridge

Pump House


Thank you for the words of wisdom, Winnie the Pooh.
Something has to be done about my sewing rooms before I start working on completing the Brackenridge Park Quilt.
I cleared off the table, and put all the sewing notions back in the appropriate places in my sewing room.
But my stash bins in the middle room are Out. Of. Control.
The whole middle room needs revamping.
I still have shelves of teacher stuff that I should have disposed of already.

After piecing the top of the Live Colorfully quilt, I realized that it is time to “let go” of most of this stash.
I have used these remnants and minute pieces to make quilts, totes, mug rugs…and there is not much more I can make without getting caught in major repetition.
One of my boxes has wonky blocks I made from these same scraps.
They are bright and bold, but I just don’t see making another quilt with the same fabric.

I think I will just keep these stored away and maybe I will be inspired to use them in the future.

As for the stash, my goal is to set aside some time to go through each bin and see exactly what I have.
I love the organization idea posted on Quilting Gail.
She keeps a tally of fabric using these categories: used by week, used by year to date, added this week, and net fabric.
She also keeps a UFO tally.
My plan is to weed and sort my stash, yet again.
This time, I will do it with more resolve.
I ran across this blog, Fabric Therapy, where there is a page dedicated to organization.
The blogger, Teresa Rawson, states that organization is personal, which is so true.
Then refers to a book by Julie Morgenstein, Organizing From the Inside Out.
Morgenstein lists five steps in the organizing process that make sense.

The steps are:

  • Sort
  • Purge
  • Assign a home
  • Containerize
  • Equalize

Under containerize, it is pointed out that this should not be done prematurely. The other steps should go first, in order to know what you have.  My mistake was just putting everything in containers according to color, instead of sorting more thoroughly and purging fabrics that have been used repeatedly.


I also thought it would helpful if I kept a record of the quilts I make all in one place.
Right now, I have photos of them in different journals.
My aunts kept photo journals of all of their crafts.
I will continue with the  paper/pencil journals and sketchbooks.
I just thought I would add a page to this blog and list my quilts, as I have seen other people do on their blogs.

Today has been more of a “planning how to organize” day.
Tomorrow will be a birthday celebration.
Then I must finish the Brackenridge Park Quilt.
However, after that is done, no NEW projects until I am organized.
This might be wishful thinking, more than a real plan…

Brackenridge Park Quilt Project: May 16, 2017

My friends and I had quite a day yesterday.
Our goal was to get the photos of the park printed on fabric printing paper.
We went to the Conservancy to get the photos from them and use the printer in the office.
Big oops!
We had Ink Jet photo fabric and the office had a Laser printer!
We ended up using my friend’s printer.
Next step: Applique

Brackenridge Park Quilt Day 3

I am so happy to report that my friends and I finished piecing the top of the Brackenridge Quilt.
We worked from 9:30-4:30, taking an hour break for lunch.
After a first few minutes of too many cooks in the kitchen, we got the team work rolling.
Next week, we will meet to choose the photos of the park that we plan to use on the quilt.
We are still looking and thinking of ways to applique the photos.
I love “working” with these three ladies!