The Right Tools


Although I never tried to use a hammer to unscrew the needle plate on my sewing machine, I tried quite a few different things such as dimes, paper clips, etc.
The screwdriver that came with the sewing machine was too long, thus, making it very difficult to undo the screw. I had to angle the screwdriver and this angling turned this task into a struggle.

Today, I found these treasures at the B & B Quilting.
These perfect sized screwdrivers  come in two different sized bits.
Both bits work with my sewing machine.
I no longer have to angle in the screwdriver or use other objects.

Compare the difference in sizes between the new screwdriver on the top and the screwdriver that came with the machine.

This little tool has made it so much easier for me to remove the needle plate to clean my machine.
My dad always stressed the importance of having the right tool.
He would be happy to know that I really did listen to him…sometimes.

Back to Work!

Last Thursday, I bent down and picked up my sewing machine to put it in the carrying case.
Ouch! My back went out on me.
Who knew sewing could be hazardous to one’s health?
It took me until Sunday before I could move.

Then, it was on to spend time with my granddaughter.
We had two days filled with craft making, hikes, a picnic, fun, and laughter.

Our first project was a Christmas embroidery hoop.
She loved going through the button boxes, and carefully chose what she wanted.
A tapestry needle was used for this activity.
At first, I drew the button dots for her on the spot where she wanted her buttons.
Then she said she wanted to learn how to do it without the dots…and she did!
20161121_151618032_ios 20161121_151622739_ios20161121_160614303_ios
I made her a bracelet by stringing some gingerbread buttons, and then she surprised me with a necklace.
The necklace was totally her design and idea.
She showed me some shape books that she had made in kindergarten, and we got the idea of making a Thanksgiving shape book. We chose to use felt.
I drew the turkey and feathers and she cut the felt.
She glued and then helped me sew the felt on.
She chose a red heart button for the turkey’s gobbler.
20161122_145247527_ios 20161122_145240368_ios20161122_153210036_ios
I sewed a paper booklet inside this cover.
She wrote her own “I am thankful for…” sentences with very little help with spelling.
We had nature walks and found these “treasures”.
We read books in the library, which is right next to a train track.
It was so much fun watching the trains pass by.

We went to the B & B Quilt Shop.
She is a quilter in the making!
We spent a long time looking at fabric.
She has such an artistic eye when it comes to combining fabric.
She chose some for me to make some totes.
For once, I had to convince someone it was time to leave,
instead of someone pulling me out of a fabric shop.
We ended the day with a Curious George picnic.
Now I have to get back to piecing this quilt.