Last week, I made a pouch out of a place mat. I followed the instructions of Lorrie Nunemaker. The inside of the pouch was water proofed by using a Heat and Bond vinyl product.

This past week, I visited the Austin Sewing Machine and Quilts Shop in Round Rock, Texas. On display was a zipper pouch that had a water proof exterior. I was introduced to the Odicoat product. It is used for water proofing fabric. The feel of the waterproofed fabric was better than the vinyl product I had previously used. It felt softer and smoother. The pouch sample was waterproofed on the outside fabric and the lining fabric. I purchased a jar, and I plan to try it out soon. I found a tutorial on how to apply the Odicoat.
Please send any helpful hints or tips if you have used this product before. I will post my results.

Exciting News

Last month, I received the exciting news that our family will be welcoming a baby boy in October. After celebrating the news with my son and his wife and daughter, I started planning some quilts and baby things to make.
I started off making bibs and burping cloths. The bibs seem so small, but I measured them against store bought bibs and they seem to be the standard size. I made some with baby themed fabric, and also some Batman fabric.

Burp Cloths                   Matching Bibs                 Bib

At Las Colchas, I found a book, Nap and Nod, by Myra Harder. There are some cute ideas for quick and simple quilts. A few weeks ago, I began on the first quilt, the Gummy Bear. I read that babies prefer black and white because of the contrast. That is why you can find first books for babies that are in black and white. The quilt book shows a white background for the Gummy Bear quilt, but I purchased a black and white fabric. The bears are just enough bright colors…not too much. Francine, at Las Colchas, showed me this alphabet fabric and I decided to use it for the backing. The blanket is pieced but not yet quilted. I added  hearts to the quilt top with the left over gummy bear fabric. I plan to use the black and white polka dot for the binding. I made the mistake of folding the top and as you can see it is wrinkled. I am going to let it hang and give it a press tomorrow.

Today, I started piecing the Swimming Lessons quilt. I do not have the fabric for the borders or the backing so, I had to stop for now. The pattern had a totally white background, but I had purchased these blue fabrics the last time I was in Round Rock where Austin Sewing Machine and Quilting is located. In one of my stash bins, I found a multi-colored polka-dot on white fabric that I used for the circle. I made this a little more difficult for myself by choosing a wavy blue fabric for the water. I had to make sure the waves were all in the same direction when I made the half-square triangles. For somebody who is challenged by directions, this took some time. Instead of being able to chain stitch the HST, I had to make them one by one.

I have some other projects planned, but they are on hold while I get other things done.
Another baby…this is truly a blessing for our family.

Gypsy Wife Quilt

For the past few months, I have been building my stash bins with fabric that just catch my eye. I was purchasing fabric with no real quilt in mind. Last month, I was browsing around the Austin Sewing Machine and Quilting Shop in Round Rock, Texas. I found a book by Jen Kingwell, Gypsy Wife. I had never heard of the Gypsy Wife Quilts, so I looked on Pinterest and found so many beautiful examples. Of course, I returned to the shop and bought the pattern book. My goal is to use only the fabric I have in my stash bins. It will also be a good way to use up some scraps.
I made the first two blocks today.
Color Wheel Block
This block was made from small to medium scraps.

Pershing Block
The pink and the black and white fabric were cut from large remnants. The rest of the pieces were from scraps.

Owl Quilt

A few weeks ago, I was shopping at the Austin Sewing Machines and Quilting Shop in Round Rock. I purchased a  Black Cat Creations pattern, Snapshot, designed by Minay Sirois. The shop had changed the pattern a bit, by using a smaller panel for the focus. The panel was a snow owl, which is my granddaughter’s favorite owl. I thought it was cute, so I purchased the fabric, along with the pattern.
I cut and pieced the quilt top today. Now, I am wondering if the owl is cute or maybe it is a bit scary. The eyelashes on the owl are questionable. Too late to change now. I will be using an orange Minky fabric for the backing, since my granddaughter is very fond of Minky.

The studio is now closed for the holiday.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Three Great Days

It has been a great three days! I went to visit with my youngest son and his family. My grandson and I had one day all to ourselves…great fun! He taught me how to play Pokemon Go…or he tried to teach me.  Lots of laughs, hugs, and fun.
I also discovered a new fabric shop right around the corner from my son’s home. Lots of beautiful fabric;and a great selection of Janome, Viking, Brother, and Juki sew machines.
For some time now, I have been contemplating getting a new sewing machine. I have done a lot of research, and I was planning on getting a Bernina like the one my Meemaw friend just purchased. Unfortunately, the model is being discontinued, and I could not find any more of this type of machine in the San Antonio area. So, when I saw a Juki at the quilt shop in Round Rock, I got very interested. Many of  you responded to my previous post asking for any information on the Juki sewing machine. I also read many reviews on different online resources. The reviews were mostly positive. I also spent time trying out the machine in the shop. The machine was on sale, and I was offered another $100 reduction if I purchased the floor model.
I returned home today, with a beautiful new machine. There are a few bells and whistles that my previous machine did not have; but it is still not one of the heavily decked out machines.
I had to spend some time organizing my work space and setting things up.
I did manage to try out a few things this evening.

I love having an extension table. I still need to move my sewing table away from the wall. It is a small space, but it will work out.

It was fun trying out a few stitches.

My son has started whittling. He is making adorable Santas and gnomes. He whittled one for me last night. This gnome is standing sentry next to my new sewing machine. I decided to name him, Camshron Counterpane. Camshron is a Celtic version of Cameron, which means crooked nose. Counterpane is a synonym for quilt, and there is a counterpane block.

Isn’t he adorable?