Zipper Pouches

It has been a while since I posted. Another viral cold and cough kept me down for a few days. I still managed to start another quilt. I have finished piecing the 20 blocks. Now all I need to do is add the sashing and border. This time, I think I am going to piece the backing. I will post more about this quilt when it is completed and gifted. This quilt was made from scraps and a few purchased fat quarters.

During my down time, I found myself looking at different ways to make pouches. I found this great tutorial by Jen, of Shabby Fabrics. It is a tutorial on making a boxed zippered pouch. There are quilte a few boxed pouch tutorials on Youtube, but I chose to try out the tutorial by Jen.  Jen’s directions are perfect. She makes it look so easy…in fact, it turned out to be easy.

8″ X 10″ Outer fabric, lining fabric, heavy iron-on fusible

I had enough of the two fabrics to make another pouch. This time, I followed the tutorial of Alanda Craft, since I have used her pattern before. The measurements were adjusted to fit the fabric that I had. I also found a gray scrap to make the top-front portion of the zippered pouch.

These makes a nice set.

Own It

In the past, I have dabbled with writing, especially writing poetry. As a teacher, I wrote every day, in order to model the process for my students. I love reading poetry. I like to follow the blogs of
Esther Cohen and Claudia McGillTheir poetry has inspired me to write poems again.
Also, my sister Emma introduced me to a group of poets who write custom poems for people. These poets published a book of their poems , typewriter rodeo. In this book there is a poem, Spare Hair, written about my sister, by Kari Anne.This past weekend, Emma attended a workshop presented by these typewriter poets. Last night, in a phone conversation, she shared some of the valuable information she learned at this workshop.
All of this has motivated me to write a poem every day. I only share these poems with my sister, and I usually write a disclaimer on the quality of the poem. In our phone conversation, Emma reminded me to own my writing…no more disclaimers. My younger sister is giving me advice.😉
A year ago, I purchased the pen fabric from Spoonflower , with the intention of making something for Emma. On Saturday, I finally put the fabric to good use. I made a notebook pouch and a pen pouch for Emma. They are in the mail today.

For the larger notebook pouch, I again followed the tutorial by Alanda Craft.
For the smaller pouch, I followed the tutorial of Jenny Doan.

Notebook Pouch

In preparation for 2019, I have purchased my new calendar, journal, sketchbook, Moleskines, and pens. This time around, I want to be more organized and have all of these items in one place. I looked on YouTube for tutorials on how to make a pouch that would be just the right size for my stuff. I found a very good video, by Alanda Craft.
The pouch was very easy to make, thanks to the great tutorial by Alanda Craft. I cut and prepared the pieces this morning, before I left for a luncheon. It took about 15 minutes to sew it all together when I returned home. On paper, I am ready for 2019!😉
I have been reading the many goals and vision statements people are posting on their blogs. Melanie, of Catbird Quilt Studio posted a thought provoking list of things she learned or had reinforced this year. This got me to thinking. I’m in the midst of seasonal fun-craziness right now, but I plan to sit and reflect on 2018, and project for 2019, when things settle down after the 25th. In the meantime, I now have a pouch to carry all my stuff.
 These three books, plus my pens and two Moleskines fit in the pouch below.

Just for Fun

The city workers are working on repaving my segment of the street, so I am inside for the day. I decided to look up some easy to do crafts. I found this origami market bag video and tutorial that sounded very interesting.  Alanda Craft gives great directions and provides a video for making this origami bag.

There was a bin of patriotic fabric that survived my reorganization purge of fabrics.  I also always have denim fabric handy. There was enough denim to make the large bag on the video, but I did not have enough of the patriotic fabric. The tutorial includes directions on how to adjust the size of the bag, so I was able to come up with a small origami bag.

I intended for the denim to be the outer part of the bag, but I reversed the folding directions.
The patriotic fabric is on the outer part of the bag…very Fourth of July!

Tomorrow, I will be able to leave the house and celebrate the Fourth of July with family.