Block a Day

Work on my Tribute quilt has come to a brief pause, to give me time think about how to piece it together.
As I was shopping for toothpaste at Wal-mart, I heard the fabric department calling my name.
I found the cutest checkered fabric that just shouted Scottie Dog…Block #14 in Block a Day.
Remnants were used for the grass, bow, and background.
Block #14, Scottie Dog

I used the template method and also my AccuQuilt Go.

Birthday Present

So far, I have made 30 quilt blocks from Block a Day, by Lucinda Ganderton.
It has been such a good experience, learning new skills each day.

The book provides directions for both the rotary method and template cutting.
At first, I didn’t think I would like making and using templates.
Now, I am finding that I prefer this to the rotary method.
I especially like the templates when making long boats and triangle squares.
It seems to produce a more accurate piece.
There is also less waste of fabric.

There are four more blocks from Block a Day that I will be using for the Tribute quilt I am making in memory of my mom.
Every quilt tells a story, and making this quilt, telling mom’s story, has been very positive for me.
Each block has a special memory and story attached with it.

Today’s block #334, Birthday Present, was particularly fun.
This block represents the fact that I was born on mom’s birthday.
We celebrated 65 birthdays together.

As a child, I use to brag to my older sister that I was mom’s favorite, because I was born on her birthday.
I guess I bragged to my sister one too many times, and she told me that I was found in a basket on the porch.
She added that Mom gave me her birthday when they decided to keep me.
That shut me up for a good while.
What are big sisters for…right?
My sister could make me believe anything…she still does!
My sisters and I met for lunch today, and we had a good laugh about this.

Block #334, Birthday Present
I used the AccuQuilt Go! for the triangles, and the big and small squares.
The long and short rectangles were cut by rotary, since I do not have the full set of  die cuts.


Surprise Saturday

One of my son’s surprised us with a visit this afternoon.
What a great way to spend a Saturday!

He walked into a quilting mess.
I had set up a large table in the living room, so that I didn’t have to keep pulling out the AccuquiltGo!.
It was supposed to be temporary, but I find it very handy to have this table.

I managed to get three blocks from Block A Day completed today.
These blocks will be included in the Tribute quilt.
Block #146, Weather Vane
Mom would always call to tell us about the weather, whenever there was a rain storm or freeze.
She wanted to make sure we dressed appropriately for the weather.
She also wanted us not to drive in the rain. 🙂
Apparently, I have inherited this Weather Vane gene.
I call my sons to inform them of any bad weather predictions. 😉

Block # 341, Homeward Bound
I am using this block for a Marching Band block.
I  had some musical note fabric remnants from pillows and journal covers that I made last year.
Mom played the French Horn in her high school marching band.
Whenever we went to the Fiesta parades, mom would go absolutely nuts with each passing band.
She would march in place, shout out to the bands, and whistle!
This was not her usual behavior, so it was hilarious to see.
Block #250, Bird’s Nest
Mom had birds figurines everywhere.
She often used nests in her floral arrangements and decorations.
I remember a shopping trip in search of small bird nests.

Since I will be sashing this quilt, I have been looking at tutorials and ideas.
Missouri Star Quilting Company had a tutorial that I found particularly interesting.
I don’t know if it suits this quilt, or not, but it is something I am considering.
I am looking for a way to sash and still highlight the center block, the House.

Wonderful Wednesday

It is such a rewarding feeling to see children read a book they thought they couldn’t read.
Their sweet faces just light up!
It feels great to be working with children again, even if its just a couple of days a week.
Made my day!

Thanks to the Accuquilt Go!, I was able to cut all of the triangles and squares for block 183 just minutes before I walked out the door to go volunteer at the school.
20170111_220811692_ios 20170112_005514917_ios

I decided to make the block, Summer Tree, look more like a spring tree.
I used lighter greens and added a floral fabric.

Now, I am trying to decide if I should make this same block into a fall tree;
or if I should just make the fall leaf block.
I am thinking that one tree on each side of the house block would be more balanced.
Mom liked to decorate for fall and spring.
She was not a fan of Texas summers.
There are three other tree blocks in Block a Day, but two of them are at angles.
I do not think the angled trees would look good with the vertical tree.
The other tree block, Winter Tree, is a two triangle tree.
I made it into a three triangle tree  to represent mom’s love for all things Christmas.
The winter tree really isn’t native to our area.

It’s time to set the quilt layout aside and think about it for a while.
I will look it over with fresher eyes tomorrow.
I also asked my artistic sister for her input.

Those first graders wore me out!

Productive Day

Today, I managed to complete three more blocks from Block a Day.
These will be used in my Tribute quilt.
Using the Accuquilt improves the accuracy of the cut, and makes things move at a better pace.
Coffee Cup
Block #21
Every Sunday, I would pick up some pancakes from Jim’s or Bill Miller.
I would also get some coffee.
Mom would pour the coffee into pretty cups.
I had some bird fabric left from a quilt I had made for myself.
Mom had green in her kitchen, and I found some green fabric remnants from a quilt that I made for one of my sons.
The orange and pink are also remnants from quilts I previously made.
Block #355
Mom and I both like violets.
I am terrible with plants and flowers, and I would end up taking my violets to mom so she could nurse that back to looking healthy.
Block #201
Winter Tree
The small triangle die on my Accuquilt Go! is smaller than the one called for in the pattern.
I used the this die and added a third row for the tree to make it look more like a Christmas tree.
Christmas Eve was spent at mom’s house.
Mom had different sets of Christmas decorations which included Victorian, Blue and Silver, Red and Gold, and Tradtional.
I liked the traditional the best, so I tried to make this block reflect mom’s traditional tree.
I had to add two side strips and one top strip.

So far, my portable design wall is working very well.
It is just the quick reference I need when I am choosing colors and fabrics for the blocks.
I also have a template that I save on my computer.
This is part of the template. The screen shot didn’t capture the whole page.

I have one more day to get some blocks in before I go to volunteer at the school.
There are 17  more blocks for the Tribute quilt.

Three Birds with One AccuQuilt Go!

Block 20, the Robin, from Block a Day, calls for 6″ x 6″ templates.
I didn’t realize this yesterday, when I made the Robin, that the AccuQuilt Go! beginner set came with the 6″ x”6 die cut small and large square, and small triangles.
So, today, I cut fabric for the remaining three bird blocks I will use in the Tribute to Tonie quilt.
What a difference this made in saving time and fabric!
20170102_220003476_ios 20170102_220007816_ios
The pink sticky notes were very helpful in preparing the cuts and assembling the pieces.
I glued fabric swatches  and labeled  each piece; then I wrote the number and shape I needed.

The block comes with the bird facing right.
Two of the four bird blocks will face right.
I’m going to have to make some adjustments to the brown bird.
I just noticed some of the points are off.
I drew a pattern for the cardinal and blue bird based on Block 20, but facing left.
I added a medium- size template for the cardinal’s head.
I hope to get these done tomorrow.

Last week,I had seen a tutorial where a mini-iron was used to press seams.
The results made this a good purchase.
It was 40% off at Hobby Lobby today.

Working with these bird quilt blocks made me want to take a break and go bird watching, so I did.
It’s been awhile since my friends and I have gone on a bird watching trip.
There is a whooping crane festival in Port Aransas in February.
We saw whooping cranes a year ago and they were so beautiful.
Hopefully, we can go again.

My heart is like a singing bird.
Christina Rossetti