A Slow Sunday

The past two days have been spent nursing a cold.
Drat! Just in time for Thanksgiving.
I feel a bit better today, so I spent some time researching how to thread sketch.
Maybe I should improve my free motion quilting before I endeavor this thread sketching.
Hopefully, I can prepare some pieces to start practicing thread sketching.
Any tips would be appreciated.
I also made a 10 Minute Runner. This time, it only took me 30 minutes.

I quilt-cheated the center panel, since it had a pattern of vertical lines.
The fabric is Wrapped In Joy by Rachel Thomas Pellman.
I purchased this fabric in Salado, Texas, at A Sewing Basket.

Today was a slow day, with me dragging and whining.
Hopefully, tomorrow will be a bit brighter.

10 Minute Table Runner

The Village Quilting Shop in Bentonville, Arkansas, had samples of 10 Minute Table Runners in their Seasonal Room. Lori, the store proprietor, was very helpful in showing my friends and I how to make these. We bought fabric and made plans to meet for a Sewing Day.
When I was at A Sewing Basket in Salado, Texas, I was given a copy of directions for the 10 Minute Table Runner by LaRue Bunnell Clark.
This seemed easy enough, but I still looked up tutorials on YouTube.
So, today, I thought I would spend 10 minutes and make place mats as I saw on some of the videos.
After working for two hours in the morning, and two hours this afternoon, I finally finished a set of 4, “10 Minute” place mats. 

Boy, do I feel like a dummy.
I still plan to make a runner, so maybe the next time, it will only take 10 minutes.

Set of 4
I think I might buy more of this fabric to make a Set of 6.
It takes 1/2 yard for the backing, and 1/3 yard for the center to make one table runner or two place mats.
Note: I often view YouTube videos by Jean Truelove.
She is very talented and creative.
Her videos are fun.
The one I watched today had a sad note.
Jean mentioned at the end of the video, that she had received a not-so-nice comment on her YouTube video.
To think that someone would take the time to be mean and negative to a person who is offering ideas and information on how to create, is something that really bothers me.
Life is too short to be negative.
And it is never acceptable to be mean to others.
I just felt I needed to say this.