Free motion quilting is still an area in which I am trying to improve. I have prepared some quilt sandwiches for practice, and I am also FMQ-ing some small projects. I continue to study different online tutorials. On a few of these tutorials, a free motion quilt slider was recommended. I do not think that this is something that is worth my purchasing, since I do not see myself ever quilting a big quilt on my own any time soon.
However, I was wondering if this product really works. Do any of you find it useful or as a must-have?
Thanks for your input.

Meditation Fabric Journal

The first part of my day was crazy and busy. When I finally was able to get back home, I went to my stitch meditation bin for materials. I knew this would help me put the craziness behind me.
My plan was to create a stitch meditation. But as I looked at the stack of meditations I have made so far, I suddenly switched plans. Originally, these little stitch blocks were to be created just for fun, peace, and with no project in mind. I have been looking at videos on how to make fabric journals. A few years ago, I took a class on making a journal book, with paper signatures. With this bit of experience and research, I decided to try to compile some of the stitch meditations into a fabric journal. Since the stitch blocks are all done by hand, I made the signatures by hand also. The only machine stitching I did was on the journal cover. I thought it would make it more secure, but I did not like the way it looked. So I stitched around the book cover with embroidery thread.
Making this fabric meditation journal was a very relaxing way to end a crazy day.

What a Thursday!

Whew! Emotional morning.
It has been four years since I retired.
My last class of first graders that I taught in 2014, are headed to middle school.
This morning, I attended the celebration for these precious fifth graders.
It was great seeing the children and their parents.
Lots of hugs and smiles.

The ceremony was student-led. It was impressive to see  how the students presented themselves.
They were articulate and inspirational. This group of students has always been creative, energetic, and outspoken. I am so very proud of them. I definitely know there are big things ahead for them.

As I left the school parking lot, I was blubbering like a baby.
My husband said it has taken me four years to fully retire.
I agree. There is finally closure.

When I arrived home, I found this package from my sister, Emma.
She is the artist and illustrator in the family. Emma introduced me to Gelli-printing, and to the artist, Mark Hearld. Emma shared some of her work with me.


Gelli-printing and Collage

Cut Paper

It has been quite an exciting and emotional Thursday!


I was born on my mother’s birthday, June 5th.
We made it a point to be together every birthday.
This is a picture of her 92 birthday, the last one we celebrated together.

Instead of just celebrating being 68 today, I am also celebrating the Groovy year, 1968.
As I made this stitch meditation for mom and me, I listened to all the Golden Oldies of 1968.
The Beatles’ White Album is playing at this moment.
I also made the hexagon block for my fabric journal.
1968 was a tumultuous year for our country, but there was a movement for Love and Peace.

I will continue to celebrate mom’s and my day; and my groovy year, 1968…with music, memories, and CAKE!

Modern Blocks and Patience

Patience is a virtue, and I’m learning patience. It’s a tough lesson.
Elon Musk

When my friend bought me the Modern Blocks~99 Quilt Blocks from your Favorite Designers, I knew it would be a fun project. Marti makes everything fun! But, I also set a goal for this project. I want to practice and learn different FMQ designs. I knew this project would also give me the opportunity to learn patience! I have been trying to learn FMQ for some time now, and it has been a bit difficult. I know that it takes practice…and patience. I am not a very patient person when it comes to learning new things.

Today, I completed the Everything Equal block designed by Louise Papas. I liked the simplicity of the design. The fabric I chose is the same fabric I used on the Birdsong quilt block. I am planning to have these two blocks facing each other when I make the signature for the fabric book. I was planning on working on the fabric journal tomorrow, but I will be celebrating my birthday instead.

I practiced making the Crazy Eight FMQ design today, and I actually had fun with this. The results are a bit uneven, but it is a start. The thread kept breaking on me. I thought it was the an error in threading the machine, because the thread had slipped out of the threading alignment. But after the third time the thread snapped, I started wondering if I was pulling the fabric instead of guiding. I eased up the hand motion and it seemed to go better.

Everything Equal designed by LouisePapas

I plan to have these two blocks facing each other in the book signature.

Sunday Sewing

My friend and I are making blocks from the book, Modern Blocks~99 Quilt Blocks by Favorite Designers Compiled by Susanne Woods. We plan to make twelve blocks and compile them into a fabric book. As of yet, I do not know exactly how we are going to put the book together. This is the third block that I have completed.

I chose not to try to embroider a butterfly, and used a butterfly button that I found in my button jar.
I also created my own bird and flower appliques.

Birdsong Block designed by Rachel Roxburgh

Fall Into a QAL~Block #2

Today was a running around type of day. It is extremely hot and uncomfortable. When I returned home, I thought it might cool me off if I started on the Harvest Basket block by April Adams. I had a lot of fun making this block. For the first two blocks, I have been able to use fabric from my autumn stash. For the second block, the only new fabric I used was the grunge fabric that I purchased last week. Thanks to the great directions on the pattern, and extra tips from Abbie and Sherry, I was able to complete this block without any problems.

Oh, by the way…it is still hot! I have the AC running, but I needed to have a box fan in my sewing studio.
It is only June 1.
I don’t even want to think of August.

Block #22~June 1 Las Tres Hermanas

Three of my favorite people are my siblings. We like to get together as much as possible.
My older sister, Adri, lives in San Antonio,near me. My younger sister, Emma, lives in Austin. My brother, Joseph, lives in Seattle. He comes in for whirlwind visits filled with non-stop action.
This week, I met my two sisters for lunch. Our brother was not with us, so we made sure to talk about him! It is a great feeling to know that I have my siblings as a built-in support system. My quilt journal block for this week captures the good time I had with my sisters this week. I attempted to thread sketch the three of us.
The faces are definitely not a true likeness of ourselves, but the curly and wavy hair are true to form.
Adri and I are the bookends, and Emma is the center.
I entitled this block, Las Tres Hermanas. I know our brother would say it is more like The Three Tonies, because he says we are all versions of our mother. My nephew has rated us in the order of mom’s traits. Adri is Tonie the Greater; I am Tonie the Equal To; and Emma is Tonie the Lesser Than.
Emma is the one who looks like our mother. Adri and I look more like our dad. And our brother, well, we call him Pepe Jr. He looks exactly like our dad.
We really are our mother’s daughters…and proud of it!

Block #22~Friday, June 1
Las Tres Hermanas
Background: Beige cotton linen memo
Technique: Thread Sketching; FMQ