52 Fridays~A Quilt Journal

Keeping journals is something I have done over the years.
When I was looking at books about journaling, I ran across a book by Sandy Gilreath, 52 Tuesdays- A Quilt Journal.
I loved the idea of a fabric journal.
Sandy Gilreath states that “no idea comes in isolation”, but the idea to journal in the format of this hexagon layout is her idea. She graciously encourages others to create a fabric journal.
So, I have chosen to record the events of my life in 2018 , using the hexagon block layout.
There are 52 Fridays in 2018.

Choosing Fridays as my dates to record will give me plenty of time to enjoy the events in my life before recording one on fabric.
This journal product will also give me the opportunity to practice old skills and learn new ones.
I am looking forward to this fabric adventure.
Any comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcomed.

Friday, January 5 #1

Welcome 2018
Inspiration for this block came from reading Simple Ways Towards the Sacred, by Gunilla Norris.
Norris mentioned the poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, in the introduction to her book.
I had already printed a Rilke quote on fabric, so I decided to use it on my first block.
I decided this week will be about starting fresh and welcoming 2018.

Background: Fabric made from scraps
Technique: Free motion on the fabric made from scraps
This piece was made a few days ago, when I had no idea I would be using it for this block.
So, I decided to hand quilt the top hexagon to the backing.
Batting: 100% Cotton
Embellishment: Button

Friday, January 12

Friday, January 19