Fabric Books

Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn. ~O. Fred Donaldson

During this pandemic, I have often thought of the children who have had limited contact with people other than their family. The lack of socialization has depressed me, so I can only imagine how the children are feeling. My friends and I plan to volunteer at schools as soon as it is possible. There are many children who will need help.

My one year old grandson started Montessori pre-school. This has brought on great excitement, along with some of the initial stress of separation and a totally different routine. Last week, I bought him two shirts for school. My son said that my grandson loves his new shirts, and he sets out his school clothes at night. I thought it might help to get him some more shirts. Then, I thought about how much my grandson loves the ABC fabric book I made for him a few months ago. He takes it everywhere. So, I made him a new book about going to school. I printed photos of the new shirts on fabric printing paper. Then I wrote some lines having the animals featured on the shirts talking to my grandson about how fun it is to go to school. Hopefully, this will add to the excitement and routine of going to school. He is ready to to play and learn how to learn.

14 thoughts on “Fabric Books

  1. What an excellent idea for both yourselves and the students – not to mention the hands on help for the teachers – volunteering in the schools.
    I volunteered regularly with each of my kids classes through high school, even (did free classical guitar masterclasses/composition workshops in their band/music classes at that point)!
    Your idea has revived my love of volunteering with an educational/societal purpose that I feel so at home in – never thought of doing it later in life and without kiddos in the classes!
    Mille grazie, Chela!
    And hugs to your grandkiddies as they reenter the world at large.

    1. Teachers and their students can always use some help. We were volunteering before Covid. Some time was spent with the student, and some with just helping teachers with preparations. Thanks for the hugs. I will feel better about my younger grandchildren going out when they too can be vaccinated.

    1. The purpose of the book was to help him through the feelings every child feels the first time they go to school and find themselves without their parents. My son said that when they read the part of the book that said school is fun, my grandson said, “No”, and shut the book. End of story.šŸ˜‚ He was not buying that propaganda from his Grammy. The second week of school was much better.

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