Summer Fun

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.

L. M. Montgomery

When I was a child, I looked forward to June because it jump started my summer with birthday celebrations, pool parties, and watermelon picnics. Thanks to the vaccines, this summer holds the promise of being just as much fun. This summer, June has started out to be much better than last June. My calendar is filling up once again with fun visits to family, Grammy time, and Meemaw outings. We are all still taking precautions and wearing masks, but we are venturing out a bit more. I even went in-store shopping at two of my favorite fabric shops. I chose to go to these shops since they still require customers to wear masks. It was such a blast walking around the shops and buying fabric. I had no particular quilt or project in mind. I just bought fabric that caught my eye.
Luckily, the first two weeks of June have been rainy. We definitely needed the rain. Now, we are slipping into our typical summer pattern of heat and humidity. My walks have to take place early in the morning, when the temperatures are not so high. Because of the rain, everything is so green and beautiful. This will change soon.
The Meemaws are out and about again. We are starting off slowly, just meeting for lunch. This gave me the opportunity to show them the Meemaw quilt. They suggested that the quilt become a visiting quilt, so that each can have it hanging in their homes on a temporary basis.
As for the Magnificent Meemaw Musicians Kazoo band, well, we are not quite ready for prime time. It has been fun just making noise. It brings out the inner five year old.
I knew exactly how to spend my birthday gift cards. I had been eyeing a Panasonic cordless iron for some time, so I ordered one. It is just perfect for pressing seams. I love the 360 rotation.
The Temperature quilt is half way completed. Even though I am beginning to like the results, it might just become a UFO.
The 2.5 inch scrappy block quilt top and back are completed. This quilt was enjoyable to piece. I just loved the memories that came with each of the scrap fabrics that were used. My friend, Marti, has a special way of piecing the backings of her quilts. She makes a vertical strip that is off center, and it always looks so pretty. I asked if I could borrow her signature backing idea and she helped me with it. I used some of the 2.5 inch squares to make a 6.5 inch wide strip. The photo in the video does not show that there are two panels of blue fabric, one on each side of the scrappy strip. I will be taking this quilt to the quilter this week. Marti suggested I have her friend long-arm this one for me. I have seen her quilting, and I think she will do a good job. She lives closer to me, so this is a plus.
The 1.5 inch scrappy block I am making is still in progress. I need about 6 more 12.5 inch blocks. Since all of the 1.5 inch blocks are already cut, I bagged up the rest of the fabric scraps, cut squares of different sizes, and remnants, to clear my bins and start all over. There is a reuse shop, Spare Parts, that is located near my house. They take donated fabric and art supplies. I have not been there yet, but Marti has, and she says it is a great place. My old scraps will find a good home. 😉
Last year, I made a quilt that was made by piecing different lengths of 2.5 inch strip. I still had a leftover roll of these strips in my bin, and I have used what was remaining to bind a quilt, and to border the center panel of the Meemaw quilt. A little over 3 yards of this roll was still left over. I folded the long strip in half and sewed up one side. Then I cut the fold, and repeated this process about three more times. This resulted in new yardage of pieced fabric. I cut the fabric into different sized squares. One square was used to be the center of a Sawtooth Star block. The remaining squares may or may not be used for some other type of block. After cutting the blocks, I had some odd shaped strips left over. I think these strips could be used in making some improv blocks.
About a year ago, I started making the Gypsy Wife quilt by Jen Kingwell. I made so many mistakes in making the first few blocks, and I just stopped. Then, I saw the Boho Heart quilt pattern by Kingwell and Bair. Marti and I thought it might be fun to schedule a quilt retreat for the two of us and another quilting friend. If the Covid numbers continue to decrease or stabilize, we are thinking of booking a B& B and setting up a fun three day retreat. Marti will be making the Gypsy quilt, and I will try the heart quilt. In the meantime, I am studying the pattern. Maybe this time, I will not mess it up with mistakes.
June has been great so far.
I hope you are having a fun start to summer.

15 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. What a refreshing June posting, Chela. I, too, am venturing out – found two workshops (one free and another with a tiny fee) where I felt safe, even though I was still the only one masked (my state is kinda like your state in the whole mask debacle) and people crammed together inside. But I felt like a freed bird…
    The photo of the MeeMaws in front of your MeeMaw quilt is a delight – which lady is you? Great idea for it to be a ‘visiting quilt’ never heard of that before.

  2. Wow! Wonderful creations and happenings. I am still in love with your Meemaw quilt and smiled when I saw the photograph of the group with the quilt. What a clever solution to have a time-share with the quilt! Your scrappy and temperature quilts are lovely. That iron looks very high-tech. Does it talk? 😃

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