Poetry Month

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Robert Frost

My students and I always enjoyed the month of April. Spring, National Poetry Month, and Poem in My Pocket Day…so much fun. All year, poetry played an important part in my curriculum, but April was a huge celebration month. We would present poetry readings and poetry jams that would have parents and family laughing, crying, and so impressed with their children and the poems they had written.
One of our activities was to make pockets out of paper, library card pockets, or felt. We would place our favorite poem, or a poem we had written in the pocket, and share the poem with others. This year, I made three pockets, one for each of my youngest grandchildren. I found a “vintage” Levi jacket that belonged to my husband. It was a jacket he purchased back in 1960, and he remembered it costing $5. I checked online, and the cost of the jacket in that year was $5. And now, it is considered vintage and if in good condition, could be worth a lot of money. However, this jacket only has sentimental value. The sleeves had been damaged and cut off. Some of the seams were coming apart. Why did I still have this jacket? Did I tell you I have somewhat of a hoarding gene? Anyway, I thought the two front pockets would be perfect for making two poem pockets, one for my 9 year old granddaughter and one for my 7 year old grandson. I used the same quilting fabric remnants as the backing for these two pockets. Then I cut some of the remaining front panel under the Levi pocket and used it to make a poem pocket for my one year old grandson. I added a clip on a loop so they can attach the pocket to their clothing. Or, maybe they can hang it in a place in their homes and the family can write poems to place in the pockets.
I wrote a limerick for each grandchild and placed it in their pocket in order to get them started.
I hope you carry a poem in your pocket this month.

6 thoughts on “Poetry Month

  1. What a great idea for using Levis pockets. Your hubby’s vintage piece is now part of a poetic family legacy. This is definitely something I’ll be doing (when?!) with my hoarded denim pocket scraps. I, too, have been a “placer of a poem in others pockets” on a regular basis! I remember my first sharing – I printed out a favorite poem for each of my studio students, folded them and placed them in my back pocket. After each lesson, I pulled one out of my ‘pocket’ and handed it to the student, giving a brief explanation of April’s “Poem In Your Pocket Day”. Every kid and adult had such a positive response – even though it was seemingly unrelated to their music lessons!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do. I have a pocket sized edition of Shakespeare’s sonnets and am going to make a pocket for the book and carry it around. Thanks for the inspiration

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