Outstanding Blogger Nomination

Thank you, Mariss, for listing me among the nominations for the Outstanding Blogger Award. Your Fabrication blog is one of my main resources for inspiration, information, and entertainment. I follow many of the bloggers that are on your nomination list. Now, to answer your questions:

  1. For how long have you been writing a blog?
  2. What made you start?
    I can address both of these questions at one time. After 42 years of teaching, I retired in 2014. It took me over three years to actually stop questioning if I had made the right decision to retire. I missed the students and could not find anything to take the place of doing what I loved the most, teaching. In my last years of teaching, I started a classroom blog. With parent permission and approval, I posted videos of students at work. Each student had their own blog linked to my blog, and they posted their own work, products, and opinions. The children and I enjoyed the experience of blogging. After a year of rambling in retirement, I decided to start my own blog. So, I have completed my 5th year of blogging and am onto my 6th.
  3. Why do you continue to blog?
    Through blogging, I have “met” and connected with so many creative and fun people. I enjoy the support, and the resources that I receive from the blogging community. I get to communicate with people outside of my inner circle. I plan to continue blogging, in hopes that I can provide as much positivity and fun for others, as I receive from them.
  4. Have you ever met any of your fellow bloggers face to face? If so, how did it feel? It would be lovely to one day meet with fellow bloggers. I have had some personal contact through emails. During the recent man-made weather disaster we had in Texas, it was the support from my blogging friends that helped to get me through.
  5. Do you write regularly? If so, why? Hmmm…do I write regularly in my blog or do I write in other formats? I do tend to write regularly in my blog. For me, it is a form of journaling my thought process. This helps me to stay on track and be organized…two difficult tasks for me. I am a visual, tactile learner, and writing and showing my process helps to get to completion. As for other formats of writing, I dabble in poetry and just jotting ideas and opinions. I pretty much keep this writing under wraps.

As mentioned earlier, most of the bloggers on your lists are people I also follow and would nominate. I can add a few more people to your list. And as you said, there is no obligation to take up the challenge or respond to the questions. It is just for fun.
Now, here are my questions, for anyone who chooses to respond.
1. Where do you find the inspiration for your work?
2. When not quilting (or creating in any media) what are you most likely to be doing?
3. Do you find you need to rest in between projects?
4. How many projects do you work on at one time?
5. Do you have more than one outlet for your creativity? (such as drawing, painting, dancing, singing, etc.)
6. If a stitch in time saves nine, how many does a stitch in space save? 😉

10 thoughts on “Outstanding Blogger Nomination

  1. I really enjoyed reading your responses to the questions and feel that I now know you a bit better. Thanks Chela for responding to the challenge. Nice set of questions from you

  2. Congratulations on 5+ years of blogging 🎉 You do provide positivity and fun!
    And thank you so much Chela for thinking of me! I will definitely answer your questions in a blog post.
    After 42 years of teaching, I know so many of your students fondly remember their favorite teacher, you!

  3. Hi Chela! Thanks for the nomination 🙂 I have been at the mountain house getting it ready to sell, so haven’t kept up with computer stuff at all! I enjoyed reading your answers once I returned to civilization. Cheers!

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