Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.
Lauren Bacall

Happy International Women’s Day. Hats off to all the women who are juggling working, family, teaching their children in online school, and caring for others during this pandemic. A special shout out to workers in the food, health, safety, education, and all fields deemed essential, who are exposing themselves to the dangers of this pandemic.
I made a small quilt hanging to represent the power of women. Then I made a mini selfie wall hanging just for fun.

Back in my teaching days, March was always a fun month. We would spend the weeks leading up to Spring Break, learning in an integrated curriculum based on the themes of spring and kites.
My students and I would sing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” along with Julie Andrews. The culminating activity for this unit of study would be an afternoon of kite flying on the Friday before spring break began.
I also have a special memory of taking my granddaughter to the park to fly a kite. After a bit of trouble getting the kite off the ground, I finally got it to fly. My granddaughter started applauding and singing about how her grammy got the kite in the sky.

I think it’s time to get a kite and have some fun.
I love this quote by Lauren Bacall.
Let your imagination soar.

7 thoughts on “March

  1. Hubby discovered a love for flying kites back when we lived in the Bay Area in the very early 80s. Since then, we carry the original kite (somehow it’s still the best even after experimenting with other types) with us in the trunk of our car for times ‘just in case’. My folks loved the fact that he would hike up to the top of their ‘north 40’ and fly it – just because.
    Keep flying kites, Chela – and quilting!

  2. Before our crazy snow storm we had several days of 60 degrees weather and I saw a father and his young daughter flying an amazing airplane kite in the park, it so made me smile! I just paused and watched the kit flying overhead for a couple minutes. I enjoyed seeing your March creations on the video!

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