Five Years

“Get in over your head as often and as joyfully as possible.” –Alexander Isley

This past week I have been in way over my head and having so much fun. My family and friends may not feel the same joy since I keep bugging them with questions and asking for their opinion about the Meemaw quilt that is on the design wall. True to form, I began making these storytelling blocks with no firm design in mind. After making the center block, I just started pulling scraps and choosing different types of blocks to make in two sizes…5.5 inch and 10.5 inch blocks. The center block is irregular in size, so I will have to do some mathematics to get the blocks to fit. Three years ago, I made a quilt that told the story of my grandson’s first five years. Each block was totally different in size, but there was no center block. It was easier to make this quilt since I just adjusted the blocks to fit the width of the horizontal rows. This Meemaw quilt is just all over the place. I have to pull it together somehow. It’s been so enjoyable making the blocks and remembering the fun things we used to do before the pandemic. Today, after asking three different people (more than once 😉) for their opinion on design layouts, I am still experiencing a design dilemma. I think the best thing to do at this point, is just let it hang on the wall. Maybe inspiration will strike sometime in the wee hours of the morning.
In the meantime, I will celebrate. WordPress notified me that this is the fifth year anniversary of my Colchas y mas blog. I think this calls for a slice of pie. I want to thank all of my blogging friends who have been such a resource of information, inspiration, and encouragement.

12 thoughts on “Five Years

  1. Congratulations on your 5th blogging birthday. And I believe you are on a good path with your quilt. Adventuring your way along. I can’t wait to meet the whole gang in their cloth incarnations.

  2. Five years of writing your blog! Well done.
    I smiled when I read that your Meemaw quilt was ‘all over the place’. Maybe it’s wanting to reflect the many different places you visited and the unconventional things you did ?!

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