End of February

Good-bye February! So glad you are over.
What a month!
I spent the last day of February working on two small projects, and planning on a few ongoing quilt projects.
The theme for Week 8 of the #52tagshannemade challenge was bits and pieces. I just love working with bits and pieces.
There was also a suggestion of using something that was a gift. I recently received a lovely mini-wall hanging from a special friend, (Thank you, Abbie!); and it was wrapped with a blue ribbon. I used the ribbon to embellish the tag. I also made the refrigerator quilt block for March. I had shamrocks on my mind, so I made a sparrow named O’Malley. He’s holding a shamrock in his beak.

The Sister Sampler is coming along. For this coming week, my friend and I decided we will make the Hattie’s Trick block. This sampler is filled with blocks that have HST, flying geese, and bajillion points to match. It is challenging for me, but I’m seeing improvement. Even though we are working on our quilts remotely, it feels good to be working with my quilting buddy again.
Continuing the temperature quilt was up in the air for me, but I decided to complete the February strip and add it to January. I liked the way it looked, so I think I will continue with it.

When I purchased the Alison Glass fabric for the sampler, I also purchased a fat quarter bundle of Moda Quotations. I started making other blocks from books I have in my library. There is no real plan as of yet. Just choosing different blocks that I like.

The other day, my Meemaw friends and I were talking about how much we miss the things we used to do pre-Covid. Right now, we have even stopped our outdoor visits because the numbers were so high, and now the variants are here. We had always talked about how I should make a Meemaw quilt, but I never really sat down to plan or design one. I have thread sketched some people/face quilt blocks. I also used photographs to make a couple of quilt blocks. I wanted to try something different, so the next step was to research some people quilts. I knew I had to stay away from a realistic style and stick to more caricature or cartoon. There were a few sites that I found interesting and helpful, but the one I really liked was by Amy Bradley Designs. Her people designs are playful and more like caricatures. Her quilts have a Freddy Moran feel to it, so much color and texture. It was time to get started, so I asked my friends to list their favorite memories of things we used to do and places we visited. It was interesting to see that all three ranked the same memories high on their list. The lists were very inspirational and I started visualizing blocks that could represent different events. First, I had to see if I could create images of the four of us. I pulled out some butcher paper and started sketching in a 24″ x 24″ square. I questioned the results of my sketching, so I set it aside for a day. Then I thought I could make a paper doll chain. There was a site that gave written directions with pictures, but I just could not understand the folding. Luckily, I found a YouTube tutorial where a young girl demonstrated how to fold and cut. You can learn a lot from kids! 😉
When I placed the paper doll chain next to the sketching, I decided to try to applique the sketching. I used a process similar to the applique dragon quilt I made for my granddaughter. I had enough of the stabilizer and the fusible web left over from that project. It was so much fun seeing the sketching come to life. Of course, I made us all look younger, but that’s okay. We are young at heart.
So far, I am delving into my stash and scrap bins. I had enough cloud fabric for the sky and green checkered for the landscape. I cut out a large tree to represent the Meemaw tree where we visited on our school campus. The grassy area of the centerpiece looks bare at this point, but I have plans to maybe add yo-yo flowers after it is quilted. I saw a quilt on display in a museum that had yo-yos and I have always wanted to try that. There was a roll of 2.5″ pieced strips in my bins that I used as a border for the center piece. So far, I have made only four blocks. I am keeping them at 10.5″ and also 5.5″. I made one to represent our Wabi-Sabi days, and a block for the Shulenburg. Texas Painted Church tour we took in the height of bluebonnet season. I had some triangles left over from a bluebonnet quilt I made for my niece, so I pieced them together to form some sort of a block. Of course there are going to be bird blocks in this quilt, since we are all bird nerds. Then there is one that represents the story of how I got my nickname, Larry Grace. This was high on all three lists, so I had to put it in there. We were in Arkansas to see the Chihuly Art exhibit at the Crystal Bridges Museum. Long story short, we were out on the museum grounds at night and it was pitch dark and I got separated from my friends because I was gawking at the beautiful art pieces. I got lost. Enough said.
In their lists, I also asked them to write one or two words that described them. The words they chose were spot on. I plan to create a bird that reflects their personality , so I have a Bossy Boots Bird in mind for a certain person.
This Meemaw quilt may or may not come together, but it is sure fun making the blocks and bringing back memories.

Here’s hoping that March is a positive, pleasant, and happy month for everyone.

17 thoughts on “End of February

  1. Chela — ever piece of your February work is wonderful! I especially love the Meemaw quilt block. Stay safe. The bluebonnets will be out soon. I keep telling my son that things are getting better quickly, we just can’t see it yet.

  2. Your Meemaw quilt is already amazing. Just love that central block of the four of you under the Meemaw tree. I think in the end you will have to make four Meemaw memory quilts. That should keep you busy (ha ha).
    Also love the fridge quilt. Who else would have thought to behat a bird?! Delightful.

      1. We need to boot those incompetents out of office…Abbott, Cruz, Cornyn, and Paxton. The are an embarrassment and more than that, they are dangerous. They do not represent Texas.

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