The Lost Week

It has been a terrible week in Texas, and it could have been prevented. All I want to say is:

Contact your legislators continuously until they make the changes that are needed.
The politicians and energy officials who ignored the advice of scientists and experts for the past ten years
need to be held accountable.
Continue to help your neighbor.
Do not take a vacation to Cancun while people are still suffering.

I want to move on and try to get back to some positivity and normalcy, even though we are still in a pandemic. My power is on, but the water still needs to be boiled. I always thought of myself as someone who did my part in conserving energy. Now, I am even more aware and I hesitate to spend time using computers, sewing machines, etc….
A few weeks ago, I had prepared 25 squares based on a tutorial by Handy Mum. The tutorial is for making a purse with 25 embroidered squares. It wasn’t until this past Friday, with our power restored and mostly steady, that I was able to embroider. Stitching was my stress release. Instead of making a purse, I turned these blocks into a basket. Hopefully soon, I will get back to some quilting projects.
Thank you to all my blogging friends who reached out and expressed concern during this crisis. One of the things I missed the most, besides a toilet that didn’t need a bucket of snow to flush, was having contact with my blogging friends. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “The Lost Week

  1. I’m glad you have power and water now. Been there, done that. And focusing on your embroidery as stress relief once it was (mostly) over seems like a good strategy. My sister in Austin didn’t lose power, but who knows why.

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