Happy Brrrrrr-lentine !

If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?
Percy Bysshe Shelley

The Groundhog’s predictions usually mean nothing to me, since we never really have a winter in my part of Texas. I should have listened to the Groundhog this year, though. Our first touch of winter was a snow day on January 10. But that is nothing to what we are going through this weekend. We have had some below freezing days and nights. Tonight and tomorrow night, we are expected to go down to single digits. Power outages and broken pipes all around…yikes! I have been texting my sons to see how they are holding out. My youngest son tried to help me put it all in perspective and stay positive. He said that I have made them all enough quilts to get them through this polar vortex. 😉
I have been trying to keep my mind on things that are in my control, so I have spent most of the day in my sewing room. My friend, Marti, and I, have started working on our sampler quilt. We chose the Sister’s 10 Sampler from the book, Sister Sampler Quilts. I chose to use a fat quarter bundle, Art Theory. I love the colors and design, but I think I chose the wrong color for the backing. I wanted something different, but this may be too different for me. My granddaughter gave the seal of approval for the color, so it must be okay. She has such an artistic eye. I miss going fabric shopping with her. Marti and I chose to make the first two Grandmother’s Frame blocks. I purchased a Tailor HST and QST ruler. The first block took a couple of rips and redo in order to get the points aligned. It was a bit easier when it came time to making the second one.
My temperature quilt now has a solid six days of blue fabric. I had thought of not completing this quilt, but I reconsidered. I like to journal, and this quilt is a form of journaling for me. It also provides me with a touch of a routine and ritual I need to start my week.
The theme for the week 7 #52taghannemade challenge is hexagons. I used some mini hexagon templates to make flowers. I used a hexagon button as a vase for the flowers on a kitchen table. These tags are so much fun to make.
Last week, I saw a tutorial on crocheting a pet basket. I wanted to try making something using jumbo yarn and a T 30 mm hook. The Red Heart Irresistible yarn is so soft and easy to crochet. The basket was a fun and quick project, that kept my mind off the weather.
I hope our one or two weeks of spring come soon. If we can get through these next two single digit weather days, I promise not to ever complain about our Texas summer again…well, maybe at least not until the second week we have days of over 100.
I will quote my sister and say, “Happy Brrrrrr-lentine”.

13 thoughts on “Happy Brrrrrr-lentine !

    1. We are going through some crazy times, and I blame our state leaders who were not prepared. They do not believe in science, and they put money in front of the needs of the people. People are without energy and water. We just got our power back on, but have no water. The power goes on and off throughout the day in some areas. My sister has been without energy for 3 days. I am furious. My sons and families are doing as best they can in these situations. We are stocked up to last for now. But we are expecting two more hits in the next two days. I wanted to take advantage of this bit of electricity to let people know what is going on. Hopefully by Saturday we will get some relief.

    1. Thank you, Abbie. We’re getting there. Power is on and water is iffy. So many people have suffered because of our state’s leaders. Our governor needs to resign along with our poor excuse of a senator, Cruz. I hope this opens the eyes of the people who voted these incompetents into office. Thank you for reaching out. It feels good to finally be able to connect with others.

      1. I’m happy to hear that things are getting better. It’s unconscionable what the citizens of Texas have been put through. When I saw the news of Cruz going on vacation then making up childish excuses about it, I felt sick. And Mexico of all places, the wall they favor doesn’t work both ways?
        The main thing I’m feeling is happiness that you and your family are okay.

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