Looking Ahead

 “One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries.”  – Winnie the Pooh

Every November, I spend time trying to look ahead to the next year. The year 2020 cannot end soon enough for me, a sentiment I am sure we all feel. This past week was spent on little projects and on binding quilts. My brother asked for some red coiled fabric mats. Since I had some remaining rope, I also made him some small bowls.
My quilter did a fabulous job on the dragon quilt for my granddaughter. She used a swirly dragon fire breath design. After binding this quilt, I moved onto binding the Carnival of Color quilt I pieced, using Marcia Derse fabric. Thanks to Mary, I finally found the perfect pattern to showcase this beautiful fabric.
I am lucky to have a new granddog in the family. Sammy is an absolute Love Bug. He needed to have a stocking for his first Christmas in his new home. I followed the tutorial by So Sew Easy to make a scrappy quilted stocking.
As for UFO’s, I now have 9 blocks for the one inch stamp quilt. I also found some blocks I had made out of 3″ X 2″ blocks. I might revisit these blocks and see what I can do with them.
There are a few more crafty things I need to make to end this year, but as I mentioned, I am looking ahead. First, I do need to reorganize my sewing area once again. Bins are overflowing and in no particular order. I love having the “surprising discoveries” in my disorganization, but a little organization is definitely needed. Also, I am ready for new fabric. Who isn’t? Right? 😉
I am also looking for new things and projects for next year. If we can make it through this Covid, I hope to be able to sign up for the fabric weaving class taught by my friend. She makes beautiful scarves and shawls from fabric that she weaves. Plans for taking a class with her were cancelled at the onset of this pandemic.
I am also looking for a 365 Day project of some kind. In the past, I have made a 52 Friday quilt, and also monthly fabric books. This year, I had an embroidery project that really only took up half the year. I also made some quilted blocks that I made weekly, since the beginning of this pandemic. They are stored in a Pandemic Block Box. Each block is different. Some are appliqued, thread sketched, painted, collaged, or pieced.
I am looking for ideas for next year, so any suggestions are appreciated.
Stay safe.

13 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. What a lot of projects. I am always so impressed by your industry — is there anything you haven’t tried your hand at? Finding a new challenge for 2021 might itself be a challenge. Your dragon quilt is spectacular

  2. I like the dog checking out the stocking in the video! Lots of wonderful stuff you’ve made! The Winnie the Pooh quote that opened your post is awesome! Oh and you can never go wrong with Marcia Derse fabric!

  3. I am amazed that you can take on another project, but what about a temperature quilt? I intended to do mine once a month, but it’s actually been pushed to the side by a number of other things (surprise!). I still like the idea and will finish it one of these days.

    1. I had never heard of a temperature quilt so I had to look it up. A Texas temperature quilt would be mostly reds and oranges🙃Are their any mood quilts? That might be fun. I like the idea. You always have such great ideas.

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