Pig in a Wig

Great news!
My sister, Emma Virjan, Children’s book author and illustrator  will read WHAT THIS STORY NEEDS IS A PIG IN A WIG. After the reading, she will have a workshop and discussion about her illustrations process.
Time: 3:30-4:30 EST
Here is the link to the Brooklyn Public Library

Here is the link to her website, where you can click on the Facebook icon at the top of the page:
Emma Virjan

When I was teaching elementary school, Emma would come to read and share her writing and illustration process with my students. Emma is great with children. My students always enjoyed her visits. They learned so much from her. Emma would perk their interest in reading and writing. She also encouraged and brought out the children’s creativity.
So, for all the parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone interested in art and children’s literature, be sure to join in on this reading and workshop. In fact, I invite EVERYONE to listen in and participate.


4 thoughts on “Pig in a Wig

  1. Haha! I wear a wig due to permanent autoimmune hair loss, and the younger of my grandsons is fascinated with it. The book looks pretty cute; I just hope the grands don’t start calling ME “pig in a wig”! And I totally agree with Tierney–you DO have an amazingly talented family!

    1. We are so proud of our sister, for so many reasons. This four book series was just a start. She has another two with editors right now. I think it is special the way your wig fascinates your youngest grandson.

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