My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.

Mark Twain

It has been many years since I have crocheted.
My mother and I used to spend time crocheting together. She was the one who taught me how to crochet. And I also relied on her showing me how to crochet a shawl, afghan, or other project, rather than me reading the pattern. Crocheting  was an activity we could do together, without me doing or saying something that would irritate her. 🙂
After a day of teaching, I would like to come home and crochet. I found the rhythm and repetition in crocheting to be very relaxing. I ended up over-doing it though, resulting in carpal tunnel. Because of this, I had not picked up crochet hooks again, until two years ago. I was so disappointed because I could not remember anything. Reading patterns and studying books I checked out from the library, did nothing to refresh my memory. I’m a visual and hands on learner, and I no longer have my mom to guide me through. I put the yarn and hooks away.
Recently, I started watching videos on crocheting. My first project was crocheting rock socks. I used small hooks and embroidery yarn. The hooks I ordered for this project are so much better than the old ones I had. They are more ergonomic and easier on the hand. This was the first time I crocheted anything with a small hook. I have two sets of hooks that range from 0.75mm to 10.5 mm.
Then, I got interested in projects made with t-shirt yarn. There are tutorials on how to make the skeins of yarn by cutting t-shirts. I might try this one day. For now, I purchased two different skeins. One arrived two days ago, and it was not as wide as I thought it would be. I followed a tutorial by Tuula Maaria. The project I chose for my first attempt was a small clutch pouch. I chose this because it is all single crochets and I wanted to start off slow. I increased the size of the pouch by adjusting the pattern. I used a 6.5 mm hook for this. I like the texture and the flexibility of the t-shirt yarn.
Crocheting this bag was a very relaxing and fun project. It reminded me of all the crocheting sessions I enjoyed with mom. I might have to give myself time before I start another crochet project. My hand is okay, but I do not want to set myself up for any trouble.
Mom taught me the basics of embroidery, but I could never sit down long enough to embroider. I used to think embroidery stitching was too slow of a process. Now, I enjoy sitting down and relaxing with a slow stitching project. As I was searching for ideas on Youtube tutorials, I saw some embroidery projects that used tulle for the fabric. I think this might be interesting to try out. There might be some tulle in one of my bins.
Mom would probably be fussing at me and telling me to settle down.
But, I think she would enjoy seeing me crocheting and embroidering.

6 thoughts on “Mom

  1. Nice job! Look at us getting all into crochet now! I love the idea of T-shirt yarn especially if made from recycled T-shirts. It seems to have a nice weight/heft. Very cool piece!

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