August Stuff

So far, this month, I have pieced two quilt tops. One, Quarantine Quilt, pattern by Mary J. Puckett, was so much fun to piece. The Zen numbers fabric caught my eye, and I just had to make this quilt. Like Mary, I believe in supporting our quilt shops; and I believe in her new policy, “Life is short, buy the fabric.”  The scrap bin was over-flowing and just waiting to be used. My contact with the Studio Stitch was such a pleasant experience. I plan to order more fabric from them for future projects. I will post more about this Quarantine Quilt once it is returned from my quilter. I am looking forward to binding and using my quilt. Thanks, Mary, for your excellent pattern directions.

The second quilt top I made is for a very special teenager in my family. I had seen the Peace in Pieces pattern by J. Michelle Watts, many months ago. It was during the time that I was still shopping in person at the Mesquite Bean. This young man has a birthday in September, and I just knew this quilt would be perfect for him. It is a scrappy quilt, but the scraps in my bin were just not suitable for this project. I consulted with my friend at the Mesquite Bean, and she helped me choose 40 fabrics. I cut two, 2.5″ strips from each fabric and sewed them together into a 2,500″ roll of strips. Then, I followed the pattern directions for cutting the strips needed to form the peace sign. I don’t know why I thought this would be an easy-peasy quilt to put together! It is now with my quilter, and again, I cannot wait to see it completed.

My sisters and I had planned a social distance gathering, but we had to postpone it. I had embroidered some birds that I drew on some linen. I also made a flower out of an embroidered button. I turned these into mini-pillow dangles. Since I could not give them to my sisters in person, I mailed them.

For some time now, my friends have been wanting me to make a Meemaw wall hanging.  Since I have been looking for things to do since the quilts were finished, I decided to start on this project. I have a light box that I wanted to try out. I asked the Meemaws to send me a selfie. I traced these onto some white muslin. The faces were embroidered with beige thread. I ended up not liking the beige outlining. Then I used fabric to collage for their hair. I was not happy with how the fabric made it look like they were wearing helmets. It gave a stiff impression. After making the three portraits, and not being happy with the results, I tried something different.  When I made my portrait, I outlined in black embroidery. Then I embroidered the hair. This, in my opinion, was much better than using the fabric for the hair. Now, I do not know if I want to start all over with the other three portraits, or attempt to rip and redo the hair. This project has been shelved for the moment. If I do start over, I am going to ask two of my friends to take a “smiling” selfie! I think it was a bit unfair of me to use a pre-Covid portrait of myself. The portrait I used was taken by my hair stylist, the last time I saw him in March! There is no way I could capture what my hair looks like at this day and time without resulting in something rather scary.

Recently, I have been studying tutorials on how to crochet with t-shirt yarn. Years ago, I crocheted many afghans and other projects. I had to stop because I developed carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand. I have since crocheted small projects such as rock socks :), using embroidery thread. It seemed my hand survived this bit of crocheting motion. I want to give it another try. I thought using a larger hook and t-shirt yarn might be fun.

I hope you are all doing well.
Stay safe.


18 thoughts on “August Stuff

  1. Oh I am so excited about your Meemaw wall hanging – how awesome! I love the faces you show you are working on in the video! Are you also going to make a Clown Car??! 🙂
    That is so cool you made one of Mary/Zippy’s quilt patterns! She is so talented!
    2500 strips – WOW!

  2. You never cease to amaze me Chela. That peace sign quilt and your homemade giant jelly roll are remarkable and your portraits are as amazing as ever. Can’t see anything wrong with the Meemaws’ hairstyles

  3. I love hearing about the new things you are doing. What a variety. Regarding crocheting with t shirt yarn, many years ago I knitted several small rugs with fabric strips I sewed together (woven fabric not t shirt) with huge needles and I loved the results. Good looking and so cushiony. I know it’s not the same thing as what you’ve mentioned but it’s related and if your experience is like mine you will love it.

      1. I think you will like the results. I would say, do a little at a time if you have hand issues, because I found with large knitting, I had to manipulate the hand and arm to handle it sometimes, not just fingers, so I could get tired. On the other hand, the projects came together at lightning speed due to the large size “yarn” and needles.

      2. The yarn I ordered was not as large as I thought. I started a small pouch. I like the texture of this yarn. If this works out, and I do not have trouble with my hand, I might try a larger project with larger yarn.

      3. I’ve never used T shirt yarn. I’ll be interested in what you think. I knitted for decades (since age 8) before an accident in 2012 and subsequent medical issues with it derailed me and I only went back to it to knit blankets for my new granddaughter. Now I am interested in knitting again. I hope you enjoy the project you’re doing.

      4. Knitting is on my To-Learn List. My friend was going to teach me, but we got side tracked by this Covid. So far, I like the t-shirt yarn. I wish I had ordered the wider yarn. There are tutorials on making your own strips out of t-shirts. I like the idea of upcycling.

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